Hawkeye: the 10 most powerful characters

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the entire Hawkeye miniseries.

Hawk Eye on Disney + introduced MCU fans to Kate Bishop, whom many comic book fans have wanted in the franchise for some time. New episodes are released weekly on the streaming service following a two-episode debut episode on November 24, 2021, culminating in a finale on December 22.

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The miniseries features returning fan favorites and exciting new characters who show off their power in a variety of settings. While not all of them are likely to return in future MCU projects, fans may be excited about those who will continue to play an important role.

ten Thomas

Tomas talks to Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Although much of Tomas’ appearance in Hawk Eye is played for comedic effect, he is one of the members of the Tracksuit Mafia, which presents a constant threat to the main protagonists as the series progresses.

He doesn’t have a lot of combat prowess, being incapacitated in several battles throughout the series without much effort. Although he is not a leader of the criminal organization, many of its members seem to trust him, accompanying Ivan and Maya in various situations.

9 Ivan Banionis

Ivan pointing a gun at Hawkeye.

Something viewers need to know about the tracksuit mafia is that they play a major role in some parts of the comics. With their inclusion in Hawk Eye, one of the organization’s most intimidating lower limbs, Ivan Banionis, has a chance to show his strength.

While he doesn’t seem to hold much power in the Tracksuit Mafia, he’s a relatively skillful fighter, flaunting the damage he can cause in several action scenes throughout the season. He is often outclassed as a fighter when fighting one-on-one, but among his peers he is one of the most formidable.


8 Kazi Kazimierczak

Fra Free as Kazi arguing with Maya Lopez (offscreen)

When it comes to fighting skills, Kazi isn’t among the best in the series. He’s a good sniper, and he would have hit Clint if he hadn’t noticed the red laser sight on his chest at the last moment.

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His real power comes from his connections, however. He seems to have a pretty close business relationship with Kingpin, and he also has a personal connection with Maya. He is a senior member of the Track Suits, leading them on the initial auction robbery that sparked the events of the story.

seven Jacques Duquesne


Jack was one of the most confusing characters in the first few episodes, as many fans were unsure whether or not he was a villain. By the end of the season, however, he became one of the friendliest main characters in Hawk Eye. Although he appears to have little power in criminal enterprises, he does have a power that stems from his incredible mastery of the sword.

The series hints at his skill with a blade early on when he’s fencing with Kate, but it’s in the finale that viewers easily see him beating his opponents. His screen time in the finale is limited, so he probably hasn’t shown his full potential, and audiences will have to wait and see what the character’s future holds if he does end up returning to the MCU.

6 Bishop Éléonore

Eleanor Bishop, unlike many other characters on the show, has a power that comes mostly from her business and relationships. As the CEO of her security company, she has access to the locations of many people in the city, as evidenced by Kate’s use of the security system at several points in the series.

Along with this, Eleanor is in business with Wilson Fisk for much of the season, which makes her much more powerful by association and leads her to hire Yelena Belova to kill Clint Barton. She also killed Armand Duquesne III and attempted to trap Jack, showing how far she is willing to go.

5 Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop aims an arrow in Hawkeye

Training from a young age in a variety of abilities including archery, martial arts and gymnastics, Kate Bishop shows off her skills in every showdown this season. She still has a lot to learn, but she progresses over the course of the six episodes, which allows her to defeat Kingpin in a final fight to protect Eleanor.

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She has phenomenal aim with her bow and arrows, and she’s even able to follow Clint into battle with the Mafia in the tracksuit in the finale. It’s clear Kate will be a force to be reckoned with as her journey continues and she hones her skills even further.

4 Maya lopez

Maya Lopez Raises Her Hand On Hawkeye

From the moment she is introduced, it’s clear that Maya Lopez can be a formidable foe. She trained from a young age in martial arts, which she flaunts in her fights with Kate and Clint. She is also a high ranking member of the tracksuit mafia, which gives her a criminal organization over which she has a lot of influence.

Additionally, she maintains a close relationship with Kingpin, further expanding her criminal network and the power associated with it. His solo series, Echo, is one of the most exciting things Hawk Eye is gearing up for the future of the MCU, so fans are sure to see Maya use her amazing skills again in the near future.

3 Clint Barton / Hawkeye

mcu hawk eye

Since his first appearance in the MCU, Clint Barton has been one of the franchise’s most skilled fighters. The demonstration of its capabilities continues in Hawk Eye, where he shows his prowess time and time again with a bow and arrows, various objects and melee combat.

His abilities allow him to save others on multiple occasions, and while he’s not always considered the coolest Avenger (a fact the show pokes fun at), Hawkeye isn’t a figure people want to take. on the wrong side.

2 Elena Belova

Hawkeye episode 6 Fight of Yelena Belova

First appeared in Black Widow Earlier in 2021, Yelena Belova quickly became a fan favorite for many reasons, including her mastery of combat. She shows that she can take on Kate and Clint, partly using her tools but mainly focusing on melee combat. She had trained as a Black Widow assassin for years before the events of her first film appearance, making her an incredibly dangerous foe to face.

One question fans may have after watching the Hawk Eye the finale is what happens to Yelena after she leaves, but she’ll likely return to another MCU project sooner rather than later.

1 Wilson Fisk / Kingpin

Wilson Kingpin Fisk in Hawkeye episode 6

Wilson Fisk’s return to the MCU was something fans have wanted ever since daredevil was canceled in 2018. Kingpin was a formidable villain in this series, and he brought his intimidating presence to Hawk Eye.

Kate’s arrow to his chest doesn’t bother him at all, and he continues to fight after Eleanor hits him with a car, sending him through a wall. In addition to his terrifying strength, he is a notorious crime boss, which grants him extensive power over various aspects of New York City.

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