Here’s why you should choose Dallas as your next filming location, according to the Dallas Film Commission

DALLAS (KDAF) – Dallas is home to iconic films including Office Space, Robocop, Batman and Robin and even Boys Don’t Cry.

If that’s not enough to convince you to choose it as your next filming location, the Dallas Film Commission has compiled a list of reasons why you should.

Its centralized location

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has the luxury of being right between the east and west coasts, which means it’s a very accessible location from all major cities. DFW Airport has tons of direct flights from Los Angeles and New York.


According to, there are an average of 232 sunny days a year in Dallas, making it a fairly easy city to plan shoots.

Various filming locations in Dallas

Being one of the largest cities in the country and having one of the largest populations in the country, there are many varied locations in Dallas for any type of ensemble. There are tons of restaurants, nearby small towns, shopping malls and city centers with futuristic buildings and skyscrapers.

Population diversity

With a population of 1.4 million in Dallas alone, there are plenty of diverse people in the metroplex to be not only in front of the camera but also behind the camera.

Permit Accessibility

According to the commission, filming permits are easy to obtain and inexpensive. For more information on permits, contact the commission directly.

Other reasons include:

  • Equipment
  • Talent
  • Cinema hotels
  • Dallas Hotel Discount Incentive

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