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A personal loan is a form of loan for private individuals where a sum of money can be borrowed for private purposes. The loan amount is deposited into your account in one go. A personal loan is a simple form of borrowing money and offers a solution for financing various purchases. The loan is particularly suitable if you know exactly how much money you need for a specific short-term expenditure.

Take a look at quick personal loans 

You can apply for a personal loan if you are at least 18 years old and younger than 75 years. You also need to have an income from, for example, salaried employment or pension. A personal loan is suitable if you need a large amount of money once. This may be intended for the purchase of products such as a car, white goods, electronics, refurbishment or study. But taking out a personal loan is also possible if you simply need more financial space. You can take out a personal loan alone or together with your partner. If you want a loan with lots of security, a quick personal at https://www.paydaychampion.com/best-quick-personal-loan/ loan is very suitable. This is a simple and quick form of borrowing money. The borrowed amount will then be deposited into your account in one go. You then pay a fixed monthly amount within the predetermined term. With a personal loan, you will not be faced with surprises because no residual debt remains and this loan form offers the guarantee of a fixed interest rate and term. Are you planning to borrow money for a renovation or adaptation to an owner-occupied home? Then the interest on the personal loan is deductible for the income tax. In short, a personal loan that can meet your needs with minimal risk and a lot of collateral.

The term of a personal loan varies from six months to ten years. The loan amount can, of course, vary per person and situation. Usually, the loan amounts are between € 2000 and € 75,000. The loan agreement stipulates the term and interest and can not be changed during the term of the personal loan. It is wise to adjust the term of your personal loan to the life of the purchased product. In this way, you distribute the purchase amount over the term of the used product. If you buy a new computer with a lifespan of 5 years, you obviously do not want to pay back more than 5 years. The term of your personal loan will, therefore, be longer when financing a boat than when purchasing garden furniture. The lender can discuss with you the options regarding the loan amount and the term that suit your personal wishes and situation.

Fixed interest and repayment

The interest on a personal loan is calculated on the loan amount. With a personal loan, you have the guarantee that the interest is fixed. You do not notice anything of rising market interest rates. With a falling market interest rate, however, your interest also remains the same. In Belgium, the maximum interest rate as laid down by the Belgian government cannot be exceeded. This maximum interest can be adjusted annually. You pay the interest and repayments in fixed installments. First, you pay more interest and less repayment. This changes as maturity progress. The repayment part will then become larger and the interest rate decreases. No residual debt remains at the end of the term. The possibility exists to pay off more than the fixed monthly amount. Different rules or any costs apply for this by each lender. With a personal loan, you have remission on death. This means that the residual debt of your loan will be waived if you die. In this way surviving relatives do not lag behind with a residual debt.

Pros and cons of personal loan

Each loan has its advantages and disadvantages, including personal loan. Which loan suits you best depends on your personal situation and wishes. Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of a personal loan for you.


– The monthly installments, interest, and maturity are fixed. As a borrower, you know exactly where you stand

– At the end of the term, the entire debt is paid off without any additional costs or interest rate changes

– A personal loan is a perfect loan for a one-off (rapid) credit requirement

– The full amount is paid in one go


– Little freedom and flexibility, you do not have the opportunity to borrow or repay credit in the meantime

– Early repayment is not always possible (free of charge)

Close personal loan

A personal loan is an ideal way to spread your costs. That dream vacation, a wedding or a new car suddenly belong to the possibilities. It is possible to take out a personal loan with various lenders. The rates for taking out this loan differ per provider. It is, therefore, best to compare the lending rates and request quotations. The personal loan is an efficient solution for urgent cash needs and the requesting and taking out of a personal loan is therefore simple and fast. Often you can calculate your personal credit online yourself. The lender needs information from you about your financial situation and performs a test at the BKR or CKP. As a borrower, you are legally protected. For example, lenders are obliged to check your lending history and the maximum interest rate set by the Belgian government cannot be exceeded. This data is assessed and on this basis, the personal loan is approved. This way you can be sure that you do not borrow too much and in most cases, you will have the desired amount of money within a week.

You can take out a personal loan directly and easily. Below you can see the different providers and you will always find a personal loan that suits you best.