How to get more customers through the podcast guest


If you want to attract more high paying customers, prospects need to experience you and your wisdom. A great place to reach a multitude of prospects is to be a podcast guest. The podcaster has done the hard work of building an audience. You just have to introduce yourself and share your genius.

Podcasts are multiplying like rabbits. At the last check, ListenNotes reported that there were 2.7 million podcasts on the air. The good news for you is more start each day.

“It’s really the Wild, Wild, West out there, and there’s a show for every type of expertise,” says Nancy Juetten, guest podcast expert. “The key is to make sure there is a match between the audience and the message. You don’t want to try to sell a Rolex watch to a migrant farm worker.

In addition to being a # 1 bestselling Amazon author of the Boring organic exercise book goodbye, Juetten speaks on over 40 podcasts and virtual stages each year with his sassy sound bites in mind.

Juetten advises podcast guests to name and claim your niche audience for your post, just like you would for your own expertise. Here are five steps to success as a podcast guest:

The first step. “Find shows that have guests and reach your specific audience,” says Juetten. “I suggest locating shows which have produced at least 20 recent episodes and which have already received favorable reviews. This lets you know that an audience is already created to benefit from your message. You can find this information by searching for shows by name on iTunes.

Second step. You can sign up for some of the best online matchmaking sites such as and Free memberships are available. “Set up your profile and relevant opportunities could arrive in your inbox as early as tomorrow,” says Juetten.

Third step. You can also join one or more groups on Facebook which make it remarkably easy to make the right matches. One of Juetten’s favorites is the Facebook group Guest Collaboration Community Podcast – Find a guest, be a guest.

Fourth step. Sites such as make it quick and easy to quickly identify shows in your niche audience. “All you have to do is type your niche in the search bar and you’re good to go! Juetten said.

Fifth step. “Remember to consider people in your own circle of influence who may host shows, write columns or lead groups,” says Juetten. “They may be delighted to welcome you as an expert or guest contributor, and perhaps you can return the generosity to service your own community.

Juetten adds that podcast guest is a powerful visibility strategy that builds on a foundation of mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships.

“If you approach guests like a one-night stand, you are missing out on the generosity of results that can come to you indefinitely with the intention of creating amazing and lasting relationships from your first point of contact,” explains Juetten.

Here are five tips from Juetten on preparing for the podcast:

  • If you want to book a podcast, start with your state of mind.
  • Believe and act like the most important influencer is calling you tomorrow.
  • It means being media ready, media savvy and on the message. Many expert guests who were “the player to be named later” stepped in to fill a gap when their previously planned speaker or guest was hampered.
  • Prepare a sheet support that highlights the conversation you want to participate in and what qualifies you as guest hosts who are eager to speak.
  • Go the extra mile by creating an ‘Interview Me’ page that gives hosts everything they need to quickly get to grips with what you love to talk about, as well as access to suggested interview questions, your head shot, your links to social networks and such things. here is an example.

Juetten says that once you’ve chosen the fruit of podcast guest advertising on podcast guest matchmaking sites to get your reps and build confidence on the microphone or through live video, you can feel hungry to move on to the biggest shows with even more influential hosts.

“Start by contacting the influencers you admire the most, after you’ve researched the topic of their show first,” she says.

Post a five star review, subscribe, and approach the way the host requests. Then come up with a unique perspective that would add value to their audience and invite a powerful and engaged conversation.

“Your fortune and your moment of opportunity at the microphone depends on the art of tracking,” she adds.

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