Images of Avatar 2 screened for China Film Group – Deadline

China Film Group executives were recently treated to a screening of Disney/20th Century Studios footage Avatar: The Way of the Waterreceiving a surprise welcome from filmmaker James Cameron in the process. China Daily reported the news, which Deadline confirmed.

Cameron beamed with a video to say “thank you” in Mandarin and noted, “With the first Avatar, we decided to push the boundaries of the big screen. With the new Avatar movies, we push those boundaries even further.

China is a huge market for Avatar. The original film made over $200 million in 2010, and a 2021 re-release made another $58 million. It helped push back the past of the Na’vi Avengers: Endgame to reclaim the crown of highest-grossing film of all time at the global box office.

After so much uncertainty about Hollywood releases in the PRC last year, could this local teaser for China Film Group mean Avatar 2 is more likely to get a local date? There are still a few months before China normally makes an official decision.

The “exclusive” clip that was shown to CFG team members by local Disney representatives was shown in the CINITY Cinema System format of 3D, 4K and high frame rate at the CINITY Lab in Beijing. CINITY is a high-end technology developed by China. At the CineEurope conference in Barcelona last June, laser solutions company Cinionic teamed up with CINITY to showcase four never-before-seen scenes from the film.

Avatar: The Way of the Water begins overseas deployment on December 14 of this year and lands in North America on December 16.

The original gets a remastered theatrical release in North America and select international markets in September.

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