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Instagram reveals BTS’s most popular member

V from BTS

After announcing a hiatus from their activities after hosting a series of successful shows at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, the BTS members launched their personal Instagram accounts on December 6 and collectively received 106.2 million followings from the BTS ARMY. .

V, who uses the nickname @thv, was the most followed member with 16.3 million. He kicked off his personal account with a trio of photos that reflected his quirky personality and stunning visuals – a skeleton puppet, a black-and-white selfie as well as memories and behind-the-scenes footage from BTS’s recent appearance in The Late Late. Show with James Corben.

Golden maknae Jungkook, who got his wit using the @abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz handle – the alphabet while leaving his initials out, also got 15.6 million followings on day one as he posted a photo in a empty SoFi stadium and another representing the sunrise.

Baby Mochi Jimin aka @jm, who featured a single dapper-looking black and white photo in a suit and tie, had 15.2 million followers.

Handsome Jin Worldwide, who simply used his name as a pseudo @jin, submitted a photo of himself and Jungkook wearing traditional Korean clothes and got 14.9 million followers.

Suga, who used his name @agustd for his solo projects, easily received 14.8 million follows even though he only posted a single red image to his account.

Finally, BTS frontman RM, who used the @rkive handle, shared snaps from his time in LA, and one taking a photo of a sleeping cat on a staircase; and J-Hope @uarmyhope, who chose to post a trio of Polaroid selfies for his first salvo, were followed by 14.7 million ARMYs each.

All accounts have already been verified by Instagram.



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