It’s always sunny characters ranked from least to most likely to win in the Squid game

Content Disclaimer: The following article contains discussions on drug addiction and violence.

The rowdy gang of It’s always nice in Philadelphia have found themselves in wild situations over the years. It’s not too hard to imagine how they might react if they were suddenly plunged into the deadly competition of Squid game.

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Alongside supporting characters like The Waitress and Bill Ponderosa, the gang would undoubtedly do whatever they can to win the cash prize, and then immediately spend it on something ridiculous. Only the fiercest and most strategic of them would survive long enough to be able to make it, as fans know how insanely difficult tricks can be in the twisted contest.

ten The waitress

One of the racing gags in IASIP This is how forgettable the waitress is, because although she has known her for years, no one really remembers her real name. It will not be an advantage in Squid game, because fans know that players called only by their number often end up dying first.

The waitress can also be easily enjoyed by other players because of its ease of handling, like the way Deok-su uses Mi-nyeo. His obsession with Dennis could eventually backfire, as he sure wouldn’t hesitate to push her into the glass stepping stones, and probably just for fun.

9 Bill Ponderosa

Bill Ponderosa in bathrobe on sofa in It's-Always-Sunny-In-Philadelphia

Pondy’s downward spiral on the show actually started long before fans first met him. He was once a fit and popular high school student with a bright future ahead of him, but eventually became someone with addiction issues.

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Bill probably wouldn’t last too long in Squid game, especially considering how unhealthy it has become. He may try to survive for a bit, motivated by the cash prize he can use to buy more drugs, but he would inevitably stumble and fall at a red light, a green light, too mad to even realize that he was about to be shot.


8 Liam McPoyle

Liam McPoyle wearing his ominous eye patch.

As the unofficial leader of the recurring characters, the McPoyle siblings, Liam has a unique advantage if he joins the competition with Ryan and Margaret. Their unsettling bond with each other will come in handy if Liam needs someone to stand up for him. Fans can remember how he orders Ryan to stab someone and he does it without hesitation.

The McPoyles would likely be the ace of the special game or the riot, as nothing can stop them when they’re enraged. That said, they aren’t the brightest trio either, and they can end up stabbing each other in the dark, which is exactly what happens when Liam inadvertently becomes Ryan’s victim after a hilarious misunderstanding.

seven Artemis Dubois

Artemis is among the few characters on IASIP who deserve to join the gang, thanks to his surprisingly high tolerance for wild antics. She can be as wacky as the rest of the group, which is why she gets along so well with Frank.

That said, she hasn’t really shown herself to be particularly strong or remarkably smart, so she would survive a few rounds of the deadly contest at best. Also, the audience can’t pass up the gang to sacrifice her during the Glass Stepping Stone level. If Frank teams up with her, she can do more games, at least until it’s time to play marbles.

6 Frank reynolds

Frank reynolds

Given that Frank is responsible for funding the gang’s scandalous business ventures, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him play the role of Il-nam in Squid Game. His penchant for alter egos like Ongo Gablogian proves that becoming a secret mastermind is certainly in its back alley.

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However, things may not turn out as well for Frank as they do for Il-nam, as the Reynolds’ father is not as careful or strategic about his actions. He’ll likely get caught up in the fun of it all and get killed in tug-of-war or sugar honeycombs. He will also likely sacrifice himself for Charlie if they team up during the round of marbles.

5 Charlie kelly

Charlie Kelly explaining his wall in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Frank and Charlie make a terrific duo, which could be a good thing for most tricks. Squid game. Charlie can count on his father figure to understand and interpret the instructions for him.

Alone, Charlie can also be smart in certain situations. Fans may remember how tedious and organized “Charlie’s job” is, as it is only through his efforts that the bar passes the sanitary inspection every year. The only way for him to win the deadly competition is to apply the same, but Charlie can be unpredictable and his motives are often unclear, so fans can only hope that he at least tries to pass the first round.

4 Mac McDonald

Fans know that Mac is capable of some of the worst deeds of The weather is always good, given the right incentive. He’s obsessed with proving everyone he’s a badass, even if everyone knows he’s a coward.

Mac’s main advantage is his strength, which is needed for his job as a Paddy’s Pub bouncer. His muscles would be useful during tug of war and squid play, but not so much during games that require strategy and wit like honeycomb and sugar ball levels. His willingness to consistently outdo his friends might get him through a few games, but it won’t be enough to see him through to the end.

3 Dee Reynolds

Dee Reynolds eats a cake (It's always nice in Philadelphia)

Dee’s obvious counterpart in Squid game is the obnoxious but harsh Mi-nyeo. She’ll likely be picked last in each match, which fans know is a great survival tactic for the ball trick. There’s a good chance she’ll win the whole thing if she manages to avoid being the gang’s shield under the red light, green light, and the sacrificial player in the glass stepping stones.

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Although she is often taunted for looking like a bird, Dee can be ruthless when she wants to, which is often the case. No one was too shocked to learn that she set her college roommate on fire, so she likely won’t have a problem taking out her competition.

2 Wanking cricket

As the gang’s worst victim, Cricket already has the perfect motivation to get rid of its competition in Squid game. It doesn’t even matter how desperate he always is for money, as he’s sick of getting paid in lemons every time he does something for the band.

He has survived the streets and is no stranger to violence and he has learned a few skills along the way. Fans can remember how he masterfully escapes Mac and Dennis when they hunt him in broad daylight, which would certainly come in handy in games like Riot. His only downside would be his lack of intelligence, which could be amplified if he did not have access to drugs and alcohol in the competition.

1 Dennis reynolds

Dennis Reynolds Rage

Whether others like it or not, Dennis the Golden God is one step ahead of his competition. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is more than willing to manipulate and hurt others to get what he wants – this is especially evident with his DENNIS strategy system.

Dennis can easily push others to their deaths in the glass stepping stones, use Dee and Charlie as shields against red light, green light, trick Frank into marbles, and trick a group of people to protect him during the riot. . As an added bonus, he would be happy to take on the role of Front Man when all is said and done, as he’s drawn to positions of power, especially if they involve violence.

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