KK DOWNING on JUDAS PRIEST’s Jugulator and Demolition Albums Not Available to Public – “It Doesn’t Make Sense”

A guest on The Jasta Show, hosted by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta, former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing commented that the band’s albums Jugulator (1997) and Demolition (2001) – are no longer available to the public. Both records feature vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens, Rob Halford’s replacement.

Downing: “CMC (International) and the guys who used to be the labels are gone now, so the rights to the albums are back to us, Judas Priest. I’m a 25% shareholder (in the band) but I don’t have a word to say about what’s going on I was a director and they kicked me off the board because there’s three of them and me, which is kinda mean I would fight every day for the right to ‘having these albums (available) because I’m a part of them. The ongoing fight to have these albums in the public domain is something that I feel very, very strong about, and obviously Ripper is doing it, and the whole everyone should be playing on these records. Why would you denounce albums that you’ve spent years working on or being part of? It just doesn’t make sense.

In 2018, Facebook user and fan of former Judas Priest singer Tim “Ripper” Owens recently posted the following message on Owens’ official website. Facebook page:

Dear Mr. Owens, it has occurred to me and thousands of other fans that there are Judas Priest albums on vinyl that have been off the production print line for a number of years now and 4 of the 5 albums are yours that have been removed from print production are:

1. Judge – 1997
2. 98 live fusion – 1998
3. Demolition – 2001
4. Live in London – 2003

Could you contact the record companies and ask them to reissue all (5 Priest albums) on vinyl for fans?

thank you very much

Sincere friendships,
Mr Alexander King

To which Owens replied:

“Yeah. Great to see that my time at JP has faded away and my CDs and ME from their past! Well I haven’t forgotten my past and will be working on re-recording the studio CDs and releasing them myself! Why not?”

(Photo – Mark Gromen)

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