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One of the most important parts of an animated series is the friends and connections that each character makes. Watching them grow and learn as they get to know each other is a complex and intimate part of every story. For some characters, making friends and meeting new people is easy.

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But for others, it’s a bit trickier. These anime characters have very few friends, if any. They are seen as shy or inaccessible and usually end up alone despite their best efforts. Whether it’s because of social anxiety or being rejected by their peers, they have a hard time showing others their true selves and making the connections they so desire.

ten Komi has trouble talking to her classmates (Komi can’t communicate)

In the series Komi can’t communicate, new student Komi Shouko instantly gains popularity on her first day at Itan Private High School. Everyone is captivated by her beauty and wants to get to know her. However, despite this instant fame, Komi is terrible at communicating with others. Because of this, she doesn’t have a single friend. His classmate Hitohito Tadano discovers his inability to talk to those around him. With her help, Komi aims to make 100 friends and overcome her problem.

9 Bocchi’s anxiety leaves her friendless (Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu)

The life 00 of Bocchi Hitori

Bocchi Hitori enters his very first year of college at the start of the series that shares his name, Hitoribocchi no Maruru Seikatsu. Due to her extreme social anxiety, she has no friends for this new chapter in her life. Her only friend, Kai Yawara, decided that in order to get her to make new friends, she had to sever ties with her. She promises Bocchi that she will reconcile with her after befriending her new class. Although Bocchi is not confident in her abilities, she is determined to do her best and befriend her classmates in order to get her friend back.

8 Tomoko is a goofy Otaku who doesn’t know how to make real friends (no matter how I see him, it’s you guys fault, I’m not popular!)

Tomoko Kuroki enters first year of high school in the series No matter how I see it, it’s you guys fault I’m not popular. She thinks she’s up for the challenge and making new friends, thanks to the many otome games she’s played. In reality, she realizes that she is more ill-prepared than she could have imagined. She is very introverted and awkward, making no friends from the start. With the help of her only friend, Yuu Naruse, and her brother, Tomoki, she begins her new life in high school and works to become less socially awkward and make true friends.

7 Kaori walks away from everyone else (friends of Isshuukan)

Friends of Kaori Fujimiya Isshuukan

Kaori Fujimiya is the calm and reserved female leader of Isshuukan Friends. When Yuuki Hase finally confesses her feelings to her, she immediately rejects him. After this grief, however, Yuuki slowly begins to realize that Kaori is very distant from everyone around her, pushing away anyone who tries to approach her.

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He’s determined to get to know her better and as she opens up to him, he realizes the truth about why she is cutting herself off from everyone. After an accident in college, Kaori has severe memory problems. Anyone close to her is forgotten after a week, because her memory is erased every Monday. Although Kaori wants nothing more than to have friends, she keeps her distance from others, fearing to hurt them by forgetting them.

6 Sophia Is Shunned By Others Because Of Her Appearance (My Next Villainous Life)

Sophia Ascart My Next Villainous Life

At the beginning of My next bad life, the young Sophia Ascart is shunned by everyone except her older brother, Nicol. A rumor begins that she is a cursed child because of her white hair and red eyes. This rumor leaves her friendless and makes her the victim of bullying by other children her age. It’s only when she meets Katarina Claes that anyone outside of her family appreciates her. Katarina tells her that she loves her hair and her eyes and she thinks they make her very beautiful. This changes everything for Sophia, as she finally made a friend after being alone for so long. Because of this, she cherishes Katarina and becomes devoted to her, just like the rest of the cast.

5 Amu longs to be herself with her classmates (Shugo Chara!)

Amu Hinamori Shugo Chara

The series Shugo Chara! begins with protagonist Amu Hinamori attending Seiyo Academy. She is very popular among students and is admired by her classmates who consider her “cool and spicy”. However, this cool-girl attitude is just a facade that Amu puts up. She is, in reality, a shy and insecure girl, unable to make close friends due to her fear. She wants nothing more than to be herself with others but is afraid that she will not be accepted that way. Everything changes when she wakes up to find three Heart Eggs, each containing a Chara representing a part of her true self. With their power, she is able to overcome her fears and show everyone what she really is.

4 Sawako wants to show her classmates who she really is (Kimi ni Todoke)

sawako kimi ni todoke

The female protagonist of the series Kimi ni Todoke, Sawako Kuronuma is shy and shy. She is gentle and withdrawn but yearns to befriend others. Unfortunately, everyone in his class avoids him due to his calm demeanor and resemblance to Sadako from The ring movies.

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She admires the charisma of Shouta Kazehaya, the most popular boy in the class, and aims to be like him. With her help, she overcomes the obstacles she faces and connects with her classmates, showing them who she really is.

3 Yuki must avoid others because of his curse (fruit basket)

fruit basket yuki sohma

The Sohma family, from the series Basket of fruits, is cursed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac. They should avoid anyone outside their family of the opposite sex. If they get too close to them, they will transform into the animal that possesses them. Yuki Sohma is cursed by the rat spirit, leaving him isolated from his classmates. He is a popular student, with male and female students in love with him. However, due to his curse and the rules set by the Sohma family, Yuki cannot have any real relationship with his classmates. This isolation leaves him alone and depressed, withdrawing from everyone. He only opens up and finds true happiness after meeting Tohru, who brings new light to his life.

2 Misuzu’s disease keeps him from connecting with others (AIR)

Misuzu Kamio AIR

Misuzu Kamio is the female protagonist of the series AIR and is plagued by an unknown disease. This illness prevents her from making friends or forming a close bond with anyone, even her adoptive mother. If she gets close to someone, she gets sick and starts crying uncontrollably. For this reason, she spends most of her life alone. This changes when she meets traveling puppeteer Yukito, who bond with her and opens up a new world to her. Sadly, Misuzu is paying the price for making this new friend, with her health slowly declining as the series progresses.

1 Shouko is ostracized by her class because of her disability (a silent voice)

shouko nishimiya

From the start, Shouko Nishimiya wanted nothing more than to befriend his classmates in A silent voice. Due to her deafness, however, she is insane by them all. She becomes the target of severe intimidation from every classmate, especially the male protagonist, Shouya Ishida. The bullying gets so bad that she has to change schools. Once in high school, however, she reunites with Shouya and others from her past and slowly comes to terms with them. Through this, she learns to let go of the past and stop blaming herself for what happened. Her friendship with Shouya helps her overcome her self-hatred and finally accept herself as she is.

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