League of Legends Arcane Animated TV Series Premiere


Esoteric, Riot’s first television series, premieres on Saturday, November 7 To 3:00 am CET on Netflix around the world. Arcane is the first Netflix series to make its co-broadcast debut exclusively on Twitch. Content creators on the platform will be able to stream by watching and reacting to the first episode.

The day of the world premiere, Sunday 7th November, will be the best time for fans in the UK and Europe to experience Arcane for the first time together. As well as the first performance at 3:00 am CET, players will be able to watch a second Twitch broadcast at 11:00 am CET. Fans who log in will receive Twitch Drops containing in-game items to use in Riot games

In addition to watching the first episode on Twitch, gamers and fans around the world will also be able to experience the world premiere event hosted at Riot’s headquarters in Los Angeles. Designed for a global audience, the event will feature an innovative red carpet allowing media and streamers around the world to connect with their communities.

The world premiere event will be broadcast by streamers and influencers representing over 30 countries, and is open to co-streaming to anyone, so fans can celebrate Arcane’s debut live with their communities.

Fans who tune in to the digital co-broadcast on Twitch will receive Twitch Drops, exclusive in-game items in Riot games.

Brandon Miao, Head of Multi-Product Experiences and Partnerships, Riot Experience (XP) at Riot Games:

“Interest in a deeper storytelling of our global player base played a big part in our decision to create Arcane, so it’s fitting that they can watch the first episode of Arcane together as a community. When designing the event, we wanted to blend traditional entertainment with innovative, digital approaches that increase access for gamers around the world, creating something new for people to enjoy together.

Co-streaming is a popular form of entertainment that allows a user to broadcast themselves by providing unique commentary on separate content. Visually similar to a picture-in-picture (pip) type extension, co-streaming offers exciting personalities the ability to simultaneously interact with people around the world, creating passionate communities through shared experiences.

The show’s premiere will be the center of a global celebration for League of Legends IP players and fans, combining the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, an event that saw 49.45 million simultaneous international viewers. last year, with Riot’s first television show. It will blend competition, entertainment and gaming in a whole new way to serve Riot’s global player base.

The three Acts of Arcane, each containing three episodes, will air simultaneously on Tencent Video in China and Netflix globally, ensuring that Riot’s global player base can experience the show together, regardless of location.

Based on the world behind League of Legends, Esoteric delves into the delicate balance between the wealthy town of Piltover and the seedy underbelly of Zaun. Known throughout Runeterra as the “City of Progress”, many of the brightest minds have made their home in these cities. But the creation of hexech, a way for anyone to control magical energy, threatens that balance. While Esoteric holds the stories of League of Legends champions, the series is designed to stand out as a complex world filled with moral decisions, jaw-dropping animation, and suspenseful storytelling.

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