Lil Wayne on LeBron James, Anthony Davis

Lil Wayne is a big fan of LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. There’s simply no denying that, especially after the rap icon made a rather ambitious statement about LA’s title hopefuls this season.

As far as Lil Wayne goes, the Lakers can win it all this year. He made his belief clear during a recent guest on Fox Sports 1 Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe (h/t Clutch points on Twitter):

“Beyond being a fan, I believe we can go all the way,” he said. “I believe the Lakers can go as far as ‘Bron takes them’. And as far as AD is healthy.

Skip could hardly believe Lil Wayne’s statement here and the famous broadcaster had to do a double take. Unfazed, the 39-year-old rapper doubled down on his request while pointing out a major caveat – that LeBron and Anthony Davis stay healthy throughout the season.

Lil Wayne, however, also admitted that he had some hesitations about AD:

“I trust ‘Bron, I’m not sure about Alzheimer’s and his health,” he said. “I trust ‘Bron.”

When asked if he trusted Davis’ drive and desire to play, Lil Wayne backed off a bit and said yes.

Let’s not forget that the last time LeBron James and Anthony Davis were both healthy for most of the season, the Lakers gained a chip. That’s exactly what Lil Wayne is betting on.

The trio also discussed the Russell Westbrook factor. Shannon Sharpe animatedly argued that he thought Russ could be a major impediment to the Lakers’ success this year. Sharpe thinks even a healthy LeBron and AD wouldn’t be enough to offset this major problem.

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