Mama Sita’s programs shine a light on Filipino culinary culture

In partnership with the Philippine School Doha (PSD) in Qatar, the Mama Sita Foundation is preparing to complete the three-session program on Philippine culinary culture on October 28.
In previous sessions, the Mama Sita Foundation project has shared stories of “the evolution of Filipino cuisine” with PSD junior high school students. The online event took the students on a journey through time, learning about the history of Filipino cuisine and the many influences that have shaped it along the way.
The first session introduced the students to the indigenous Filipino culinary traditions, with the help of the “Pigafetta Picnic” by historian Felice Sta Maria. Students learned about rice, an important local staple, its mythological origins and how it is harvested today.
They also discovered sinigang, a traditional Filipino soup made from various local sour fruits and leaves like tamarind, guava, santol, catmon and libas. A demonstration by chef Vicky Pacheco showed how to create your own seafood sinigang.
The second session looked at the different neighboring countries and how their own cultures influenced Filipino cuisine. Meranaw culture lawyer Sittie Pasandalan spoke about the many Meranawan snacks and how some of them have been influenced by other cultures.
Chinese-Filipino heritage advocate Meah Ang-See discussed the history of Chinese influences on Filipino cuisine and how our interactions with the culture have led to the creation of many popular Filipino dishes, such as pancit and the lumpia. Chef Morris Danzen, a Filipino chef from Sicily, Italy, demonstrated on the palabok pancit and gave tips for preparing the dish using accessible ingredients.
The upcoming third session, October 28, will discuss the indigenization of Spanish cuisine and the role of the galleon trade in providing the many ingredients we use today.
The session will always be hosted by the father-daughter duo Paolo and Malaika Paculan. An audiovisual presentation highlighting Sisig as a global gateway dish will be featured, and Danzen will once again be the guest to demonstrate Sisig-inspired Sisig cuisine.
Schools interested in joining the caravan can send an email to [email protected]

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