My Hero Academia: 10 most cliché characters, ranked

Snaps have become an inextricable part of the shonen anime, from the exaggerated scaling of power to the filler episodes, but there are several tropes that apply to anime characters as well. Given My hero universityIn the vast cast of, it seems inevitable that there will be at least a few characters whose behaviors and stories have been killed off in the genre.

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That said, clichés aren’t necessarily negative aspects in any given narrative, as they can help establish the foundation for the story without wasting too much time fleshing out the tiny character differences.

Manga spoilers below

ten Mirai Sasaki is a typical Shonen character, gruff and hard to please.

Mirai Sasaki initially refuses to officially recognize Deku as the deserving successor to One For All, partly because of his conflicted relationship with All Might, but mostly because he thinks Mirio Togata is the better choice. Sir Nighteye is one of those typical gruff shonen characters who aren’t easily satisfied.

Mirai is firmly anchored in his own visions of the future, as is Yamamoto Genryuusai of Bleach and Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, at least until the protagonist breaks them.

9 Kai Chisaki is the classic one-dimensional anime villain

Kai Chisaki is the classic one-dimensional villain: incredible power and strategy but sorely lacking in moral justification. He enthusiastically tortures his adopted daughter to manifest his dream of a world without Quirks and ruthlessly ignores her suffering even after her defeat.

Overhaul’s ego is incredibly massive, but his inability to synchronize his abilities and expectations leads to his downfall. Characters like Death threat‘s Light Yagami and Yu Yu Hakusho‘s Younger Toguro falls under the same umbrella.

8 Enji Todoroki’s determined ambition is impossible to achieve

Similar to Bleach‘s Suì-Fēng, Enji Todoroki wants nothing more than to bridge the insurmountable gap between himself and his superior. However, Yoruichi Shihoin and All Might constantly prove to their so-called dethrones that there is no way for them to catch up, no matter how hard they may struggle.

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Enji lets go of everything he loves to achieve his goals, but luckily returns to being a half-decent dad after coming to terms with his transgressions.

seven Cathleen Bate is built entirely from exaggerated American stereotypes

Cathleen Bate is the only female character to be among the strongest heroes in the series. Although she is sadly killed, her impact on the end result of the story is quite large.

Interestingly, Cathleen Bate doesn’t subscribe to the standard clichés of the shonen, but the same can’t be said of the American stereotypes surrounding her character. Her hero name is Star and Stripe, her costume alludes to the American flag, and she arrives in Japan on top of a fighter plane.

6 Sorahiko Torino claims to be a stereotypical weak old man

Gran Torino claims to be My hero universityThe weak, resident old man, acting like he can’t remember Deku’s name even though his mind remains as sharp as ever.

This particular caricature is one of the oldest shots from the shonen anime, seen in characters such as Master Roshi of Dragon ball and Zeno Zoldyck from Hunter x hunter. Gran Torino’s Mask of Senility is removed when Nomu’s attacks begin. There is no going back after this point.

5 Nemuri Kayama is yet another victim of Shonen’s fan service

Nemuri Kayama’s provocative behavior is camouflaged as whimsical, but the truth is that she is yet another victim of shonen fan service. She claims that the innocence of her students is an attractive characteristic, and she becomes unduly furious when her age is brought up in the conversation.

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Kayama sacrifices her life during the Paranormal Liberation Arc, but her death barely makes a dent in the story. His fate is comparable to that of Unohana Retsu of Bleach, who perishes after helping Zaraki Kenpachi achieve his true power.

4 Everything for personality is copy-pasted from other Shonen villains

To call the antagonism of All For One above all else would be an understatement. Man lives and breathes pure evil. In fact, he’s so egotistical that it’s almost impossible for him to relate to someone else’s problems, just like his father. fraternity and Muzan from Demon slayer.

While many of his personality traits have been copy-pasted from the evil shonen who came before him, All For One is imbued with an aura of mystery and intrigue, making him one of the most interesting characters ever. of My hero university.

3 Tenya Ida shows nerdy love for discipline and authority

Tenya Ida is the standard-bearer of the discipline, often going to great lengths to uphold AU academic guidelines on her peers. His cheesy love for authority is reflected in characters as diverse as Azazel Amero from Welcome to the Iruma-kun school of demons! and BleachIt’s Uryu Ishida.

Tenya flaunts almost all of the tropes associated with his character category, but that doesn’t mean he’s not charming. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – Tenya is loved by all members of Class 1-A.

2 Chizome Akaguro’s Philosophies Include Some Strands of Anti-heroism

Stain’s mark of villainy incorporates a few strands of anti-heroism, explaining why he’s a fan-favorite character. His ideological tenets may be distorted and meaningless, but what matters is that they are indestructible to the point of turning him into a public idol within the community. My hero university universe.

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Dorohedoro‘s Caiman and Berserk‘s Guts follows the same cliché line of thinking as Stain, even though their personalities are drastically different from each other.

1 Katsuki Bakugo’s aggressive delinquency is worthy of a Shonen protagonist

Bakugo’s aggressive and delinquent nature suits a Shonen protagonist like Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho, Ryuko Matoi in Kill the kill, and most of the JoJos in JoJo’s bizarre adventures.

However, Bakugo’s ego and temper merge into a combustible cocktail that threatens to explode at any moment, destroying everyone in its path, leading him away from the path of heroism. In this regard, he is more akin to characters like Eren Jaeger from The attack of the Titans and Inosuke Hashibira from Demon slayer.

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