My Time At Sandrock gets 2 new romantic characters

Developer Pathea Games announced a new wishlist reward for the next life simulation My time at Sandrock. In order to celebrate the game reaching 400,000 wishlists on Steam, two new romantic characters, a man and a woman, will be added.

Who are the new My time at Sandrock romantic characters?

By an official My time at Sandrock Steam announcement, these two new characters will join the game’s romance contenders at launch. The first is Ernest, a handsome blond bachelor intrigued by the story of the bandit Logan. Your second new romantic character is Jane, a teacher who returns home to Sandrock and is potentially looking for love. Pathea says they will both have “stories to share” if you get close to them.

Here are your two rather enticing new romance options in My time at Sandrock.

This is not all, however. Pathea says there’s another wishlist goal on the horizon for My time at Sandrock. If the game manages to collect 500,000 Wishlists (that’s just 100,000 more) before the Early Access release, then every eligible adult in town will be a romantic option. If you like the sound, head over to the game’s Steam page and get a wishlist.

When is the My time at Sandrock release date?

The My time at Sandrock the release date is, unfortunately, currently unknown. The developers say they plan to release the Early Access version in early 2022. Since its announcement in October 2020, My time at Sandrock has suffered two major delays, with its original March 2021 release date proving to be much more difficult to achieve than Pathea anticipated. There is clearly an audience for this game, however; by December 2020, just two months after its announcement, My time at Sandrock had collected 100,000 Steam wishlists, which led Pathea to add makeup customization.

A photo of the player looking at his farm in My Time at Sandrock
My time at Sandrock is currently expected to arrive early next year.

A new development update is planned for later this week, so if you’re looking for more My time at Sandrock news, be sure to keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you can recover Sandrockthe predecessor of My time in Portia on Steam right now. If you like healthy and comfortable games like Valley of stars Where Hokko life, this one should be on your street.

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