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Being the son of NBA legend LeBron James is probably tough in terms of expectations and the stardom that comes with it. What’s even more difficult is when NBA insiders start comparing one sibling to the other, as has been the case lately.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, some insiders already think James’ younger brother, Bryce Maximus James, should be a better basketball prospect than James’ oldest son, Bronny James. Bronny is currently a junior playing for Sierra Canyon High School, while Bryce is a ninth grader also playing for the same school.

I’ve had people tell me that Bryce might actually be the better prospect out of the two,” Windhorst noted during his last appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. “Bryce, I think, is 13 or something. I don’t know if we can go that far.

Compare and nuance

Bronny currently ranks 34th in his draft class and is number five in his position. As a 6-foot-3 guard, Bronny has already established himself as a perennial perimeter defender who can knock down shots and pass the ball well.

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Bronny also has a good feel for the game and has the instinct to turn defense into attack, thanks to his speed and ability to transition. As of this writing, Bronny is expected to be selected in the second round of the NBA Draft in two years.

Meanwhile, James’s younger brother, Bryce, has earned a reputation as an excellent marksman. He seems to have the score-first mentality that appeals to many NBA scouts today.

The middle child can pass, defend, and do their best as they step into the paint to score or create a jumper for themselves. More importantly, his confidence is very evident in his game.

Bronny and Bryce seem to have two distinct styles of play, and it’s no surprise some insiders prefer a guard who likes to use his speed and physicality to score. Granted, Bryce still has a lot of games to play and prove his worth, but so far his game has been impressive.

The competition awaits

Bronny and Bryce probably won’t cross paths in high school basketball, but the hype will intensify now that the two brothers are being compared.

That’s exactly what happens when you’re LeBron James’ son. The camera will never take your eyes off you. Nevertheless, it is incredible that the king can pass on his inheritance to his princes.

Who knows, maybe Bronny and Bryce will meet in the NBA one day.

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