Neon White characters are a big highlight of the game

Indie game neon white Just released following its presentation at Summer Game’s Fest 2022. The FPS platformer is a speedrunner’s paradise, with fast-paced gameplay and parkour mechanics. Although it is a new release, it has already received rave reviews from PC and Nintendo Switch gamers, garnering praise for its sleek gameplay.

Speedrun gameplay isn’t everything neon white has everything for that. It also features a great cast of characters – from the titular Neon White to fellow assassins, and even talking angel cats. You could say that the interactions between the narrative and the characters are not the focus of an indie game like neon whitebut the fact that these aspects are so compelling only adds to the already enjoyable game.


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The adorable characters of Neon White

neon white has a fairly small cast of characters. There’s the player character, Neon White, and four other assassins named Red, Green, Violet, and Yellow. These assassins have been plucked from hell to compete for a chance to earn a place in heaven. This was all arranged by the angels and certain cats – Mikey, Gabby and Raz – who sought to rid heaven of its infestation of demons by neon white.

When players take on the role of Neon White, it quickly becomes apparent that he has amnesia. This renders him unable to discern who the other Neons are, despite feeling a familiarity around them. And, of course, the other Neons have no intention of revealing their true identities. As such, it’s up to the player to interact with them and find out who they really are to Neon White.

All the player really needs to do is archetype other characters. Neon Yellow is a hulking but clumsy best friend, Neon Violet is the quirky “alternative girl”, Neon Red is the classy love interest, and Neon Green is the vicious rival. Fortunately, the player can collect gifts hidden around the neon white the levels then introduce them to the other characters in hopes of gaining more information. And while angel cats are not from Neon White’s past, the player can befriend them as well.

It’s this intrigue that surrounds the rest of the cast that makes the original dialogue scenes so rewarding to unlock. It deepens Neon White’s connection to the other characters while revealing more of who they were. Plus, the game doesn’t take these interactions too seriously, sprinkling plenty of satire and comedy into the character interactions. On the contrary, it makes the game more charming than it already is.

white neon the beautifully drawn character sprites only add to the charm of the cast. Presented in a visual novel format with similar dynamics to personas 5, the game manages to tell its story without making the interface too inactive. He also regularly gives players a look at what’s behind each of Neon’s masks, which is a welcome deviation from the weird mask designs.

Finally, much of these character interactions are enhanced by stellar voice acting – from Neon White’s subdued but still expressive delivery to Mikey’s over-the-top lines. The voice interactions do a good job of building up the characters, further showcasing their personalities.

All of this blends together to create a simple yet engaging story, with many interwoven subplots and character arcs. So while speedrunning and time-crunching are the stars of neon white, these elements are supported by a really fun narrative as well as a great cast of characters. Even players unaccustomed to fast-paced gameplay will surely find enjoyment in character interactions.

neon white is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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