New trailers for The Divine Force focus on main characters Raymond and Laeticia

New Star Ocean: The Divine Force trailers were shared online today, focusing on the game’s main characters.

The new trailers, which can be viewed below, focus on Raymond Lawrence and Laeticia Aucerius, the two protagonists of the sixth main entry in the long-running series developed by tri-Ace.

  • Raymond Lawrence – Raymond Lawrence is one of the two main protagonists you can choose from in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. From the unfederated planet of Verguld and captain of the merchant ship Ydas, he can often be found rushing recklessly into situations regarding his friends and work.
  • Laeticia Aucerius – Laeticia Aucerius is one of the two main protagonists you can choose from in SO: The Divine Force. She is the princess of the kingdom of Aucerius with a radiant, resolute personality and remarkable skills with the dual blades.

As already mentioned, Star Ocean: The Divine Force is the sixth main entry in the series created by tri-Ace. Announced last year, the game will make its global debut in October, taking players on a new journey through the Pangalactic Federation. Below is an overview of the main features of the game.

Main characteristics:

  • A story that changes according to the player’s choices, where the heroes cross between the two worlds of science fiction and fantasy
  • A rich lineup of playable characters
  • Freedom to fly around the environment
  • Three-dimensional traversal and exploration where all in sight is adventure terrain
  • The Star Ocean game with the fastest and most powerful action in the series

Star Ocean: The Divine Force will be released on October 27 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One and October 28 for PC.

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