New York Jets show promising signs in win over Eagles

Young NY Jets show promising signs in Philadelphia

Ah, football is finally back, as the New York Jets kicked off their 2022 campaign in their preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

It was a game where you only hope for a few key elements…

First and foremost… health. And, of course, Robert Saleh’s team escaped without major injury. Right?

The full cast of the members-only Jets-Eagles movie can be seen at the bottom of this article (running nearly three hours).


Sophomore Zach Wilson fell during his second practice of the preseason. As he faced pressure coming from his right side, Wilson attempted to make a play by rushing to his right.

Unfortunately for Wilson, in a situation where he should have gone out of bounds, he fought for extra yardage, cutting his right leg, resulting in a non-contact injury.

Jets fans were collectively thinking the worst, a torn ACL, collectively ruining the Jets’ season, before it even had a chance to really begin. Aided by trigger-happy Twitter doctors, who jumped recklessly to confirm Jet fan worries, fans thought it was going to be a torn ACL for Wilson.

Luckily for everyone except the doctors on Twitter, Zach Wilson was given a prognosis of 2-4 weeks as his knee had no structural damage.

After that, other Jets actually played a game of football, and there were a lot of positives to come out of the 24-21 win.

  • What did the starters, who played, look like in this game?
  • How did the rookies play?
  • Are we concerned with what Zach Wilson recorded?
  • Are we concerned with the defense of the Jets?
  • Who are the players at the bottom of the list who may have lost their spots or done well?

All of these questions and more are answered in this edition of Blewett’s Blitz.

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