Octopath Traveler: CotC – Best Characters

The original Octopath Traveler was known for having eight main protagonists, ultimately tying the whole story together into one cohesive plot. The approach in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is different. You can summon great champions from around the world to aid you on your journey, starting with your silent, blue-haired protagonist.

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What Champions of the Continent does differently is that each character you receive through the gacha system has their own side story that you can play through and learn about their past, borrowing storytelling elements from the original. The majority of five stars are playable characters in the original game, so let’s focus on those who weren’t in your party.


8 Noelle

A scholar with her head in the clouds, Noelle is always in trouble with her professor due to her habit of taking past myths as facts. You first meet her trying to prove to her teacher that the legend of Ische, the mighty warrior who defeated a dragon, was true. Her teacher dismisses this as fiction until she presents him with evidence of their grave.

Noelle’s weapon of choice is her trusty book for making sense of enemies, and all of her offensive magic is wind-based. She has the power to increase the elemental attacks of her allies or decrease the elemental attacks of those who oppose her.

seven Bertrand

A bounty hunter, Bertrand is on the hunt for his highest bounty yet: the one-eyed wolf. If the creature doesn’t have a bounty, then it doesn’t care. Despite this need to hunt bounty, Bertrand wants to one day settle down and start a family.

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Bertrand’s aim with his bow is true, and he can hit multiple enemies at once depending on the attack chosen. Her elemental attacks are lightning-based, which can add an electrical defense debuff to her attacks. The downside is that his more powerful attacks come at a high SP cost, which makes him somewhat unsustainable in long, drawn-out battles.

6 Iris

A mysterious dancer with a penchant for ice magic, Iris doesn’t dance as much as she used to. Why? Well, what’s a woman without her secrets? Some would say she’s looking for something or someone, but in the end, that’s just speculation.

Iris fights with the traditional fan dancer weapon and comes with multiple ice magic attacks that can target a single individual or many. She also comes with several attack buffs that she can give to the whole party and starts with an auto-attack buff for three turns. She has no healing abilities, but for Iris, what she has is more than enough.

5 Kurtz

A thief in the night, who only takes from the rich and the wicked, Kurtz deeply believes in and follows his personal creed: to stand with the weak and against the powerful. He is considered a hero to ordinary mortals and a threat to anyone with a big enough purse and a small enough heart.

Equipped with his trusty dagger, Kurtz is another wind damage user, with the ability to decrease enemies’ wind resistance. Not to mention he can cast a physical damage debuff on them, and self-healing, making it durable in longer battles. His attacks are on the weaker side, and in order to take full advantage of his wind debuff, you’ll need to have other wind users in your party.

4 pia

Don’t let her age fool you, this young merchant is full of courage and prowess. When her father passed away, she took over as head of the family store and brought it to the success it is today, with the help of the employees who stayed on after she took over.

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As a merchant, she brings an additional 3% increase in leaves (in-game currency) after the end of each battle, and she can taunt multiple targets at once. If Pia is pushed to her limits and ends up at 50% HP, then she activates a self-defense buff to protect herself. She was also gifted with the power of light.

3 Helga

Helga is a trusted member of Rock Firm, a material handling distribution center in the town of Cragspear. She is a talented, if somewhat sheltered, merchant who was recommended by her boss to travel the world to learn new things about the world. Her presence brings great joy wherever she goes.

A spear user, Helga can learn multiple hard-hitting attacks with multiple targets at the cost of high SP consumption. She can taunt all enemies at the start of battle and whenever her HP is full. Not a bad unit to take with you for a tank type situation.

2 Billion

A young priest of the Cleric of the Order of the Sacred Flame. Stationed in Valore, Millard wants nothing more than to help those who are hurt and in need. Milliard has gained much success due to his compassion and deep desire to help. He is a powerful healer to have in your party.

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His starting healing spell heals all targets in the party, making him a powerful healer early in the game, only getting stronger as he progresses. It lacks AOE regeneration though, meaning you’ll have to avoid doing damage for a few turns to cast it on the whole party.

1 Gilderoy

Gilderoy is a merchant, which is somewhat confusing as he is a silent protagonist and doesn’t offer much in the way of conversation in the game’s story cutscenes. He is one of eight 5-star characters with which you can start the game, and as a tank it’s not a bad choice. Gilderoy values ​​his freedom above all else, much to the chagrin of many nobles who vie for his services.

He can paralyze multiple enemies with his electric attacks and stun spear, a must-have for taking on tough foes. He can also heal himself with his healing push ability, which is invaluable for a tank class. Its speed is slow though, so any paralysis you inflict on enemies will automatically be shortened by one turn.

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