Only murders in building characters, rated least suspicious

When season 1 of Only murders in the building ended with Bunny’s tragic and bloody death, Mabel standing over his body, drenched in blood, fans knew they were ready for another season of hilarious true crime-solving. Except that now the three protagonists were at the heart of the case, arrested for the murder since they were present at the scene of the crime. Chances are none of them are guilty. Charles and Oliver are cleared as they were outside when the murder took place. Now, however, the focus is on who was the one who killed Bunny.

With Mabel, Charles and Oliver freed but still people of interest, they will do whatever they can to solve the case and find out who killed their landlord. This time, however, it’s not just about following a hunch and satisfying their love of the true-crime genre, but clearing their names as well.


11 My beauty

Mabel's photo from Only Murders in the Building, blood soaking her white turtleneck.

Fans don’t want to believe that Mabel could kill anyone, but it’s possible it was an accident considering she passed out for a short time. Perhaps Mabel felt desperate to stay in the building and given that Bunny had orchestrated a tenants’ vote to evict her, Oliver and Charles, she might have thought it was the only way.

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It could also be that she was desperate to maintain contact with Oliver and Charles, realizing that solving cases with them gave her meaning and purpose. It’s a stretch but not completely out of the realm of possibility.

ten Howard

Howard is often presented as the culprit when he is only an eccentric man. His excuse for having a suspicious black eye was that he was playing hide and seek with his new cat and bumped into a piece of furniture. It’s believable given how close he’s been to his feline friends, but still casts a small shadow of doubt that there could be more to the story.

It’s probably a red herring, but maybe Howard finally had enough of Bunny and killed her. It might then be wrong to tell the other residents about the new owner Nina to cover it up when in reality he might be in cahoots with her.

9 Oscar

Oscar from Only Murders in the Building, standing next to his car, door open, wearing a tie-dye shirt.

Interestingly, Bunny wore the same tie-dye shirt that Oscar wore in season one, which could indicate she met him and ended up with a matching hoodie. He was not seen in early episodes, with Mabel noting that she thought they were better off as friends.

Oscar, one of the coolest characters in Only murders in the building, went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit and could hold a lot of resentment because of it. It’s possible there was some altercation with Bunny, possibly with Oscar trying to convince her not to kick Mabel out. It could have gotten out of control and resulted in his accidental death, or a moment of rage as Oscar let his anger about injustices build.

8 Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer standing in the front door of her apartment, smiling in a scene from Only Murders in the Building.

Amy Schumer is a new addition in the second season, having moved into Sting’s old apartment. She meets Oliver in the elevator and instantly strikes up a conversation on the podcast. Turns out she’s a huge fan and wants to turn the story into a movie with herself as Jan. One thing to remember before season 2 of Only murders in the building is that Jan was the murderer.

She seems passionately enthusiastic about the very idea of ​​murder, making some think it’s possible she orchestrated the murder out of sheer fascination. It could also be about setting up success for the additional seasons of the show she wants to produce by buying the rights to the podcast. It sounds far-fetched, but it’s possible given that she’s playing an exaggerated version of herself.

seven Uma Heller

Uma from Only Murders in the Building watches someone outside wearing a winter coat.

Uma Heller was Bunny’s closest friend in the building and she had taken on the responsibility of distributing the personal effects and following the instructions of the will. It’s Uma who first searches for the missing painting believed to be worth a million dollars, suggesting that she might have been the only one, or at least one of the only ones, to know of its existence and its existence. value.

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Could she have gotten rid of Bunny in order to tear down the painting and sell it? This seems unlikely since she was open with Howard about the painting and its value, so she wasn’t hiding anything (unless they were working together). But there could have been an unknown rivalry between the two women that reached a boiling point.

6 Alice

Alice looks sternly at Mabel in a scene from Only Murders in the Building.

Alice’s scenario seems too practical. She came into Mabel’s life at the right time, trying to help Mabel leverage her newfound celebrity status to sell her art. Alice seems a bit eccentric and could potentially have a secret relationship with Rose Cooper. She could know about the affair with Charles’ father, blame Charles for the mess that was caused and the death of her relative, and use Mabel to bring him down.

There must be more to the character than fans have seen so far. She may be trying to create a monster out of Mabel instead of helping her, which would be a tragic story for the troubled young woman who notes that her whole life has been riddled with death and destruction. It’s one of the saddest things about Mabel in Only murders in the building.

5 Rose Cooper

Oliver, Charles, and Mabel look guilty while holding the painting in Only Murders in the Building.

Rose Cooper is the painting’s missing painter who died under mysterious circumstances. But no details were given of his death other than Charles’ father was arrested and sent to jail on suspicion. It’s possible she faked her death to get out of some kind of trouble.

Fans are wondering if the real Rose could appear as a murderous woman who had a bone to pick with Bunny for some unknown reason and wanted her painting back. It would make sense for the woman in the portrait who painted it to claim that it was rightfully hers. This is especially true as Leonora revealed that Rose only sold the painting because she desperately needed the money.

4 Nina

A circle featuring Nina in the background of an image of guests from Bunny's memorial service on Only Murders in the Building.

Little is known about Nina so far, only that she has taken over Bunny’s job and seems to be just as hated as Bunny by the residents. Visibly pregnant, it’s possible she killed Bunny to finally climb the ladder and secure a posh place in the upscale building filled with celebrities and entertainers to raise her child.

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More information may be revealed about the mysterious new owner. But just because she seems like an unlikely suspect doesn’t mean it can’t be. She could be the one who did the deed or at least someone else did it for her.

3 Leonora Folger

Charles and Leonora chat outside the building in Only Murders in the Building.

Speaking of getting someone else to do the deed, Leonora Folger seemed just as gruff and mean as her daughter Bunny. She could barely cut a slice of cheese, so it’s unlikely she stabbed her daughter eight times and escaped unscathed.

Nonetheless, she seemed high society enough to have connections to orchestrate the murder if it was in her best interest. The motive may not yet be clear, but it’s possible Bunny was close to revealing details about her mother’s life and indiscretions, or maybe she just refused to give up. table.

2 Cinda Canning

Cinda sits in the dark in front of her podcast mic in a scene from Only Murders in the Building.

Cinda Canning is one of the most obvious potential suspects as the killer. A popular podcast host, she might not only want to take down the three people who run a rival podcast, but also set them up to be the subjects of her next juicy episodes. His true crime podcast is one of many setups in season 2 of Only murders in the building.

Indeed, she is seen intimidating each of them with the evidence she uncovered that makes them look guilty, such as Oliver’s notes to Bunny that he wished her dead. She has the most to gain from both Bunny’s death and the trio going to jail and being forced to end their podcast. She’s also an expert in true crime and how to cover it up, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she was the killer.

1 unknown killer

Oscar's back and Mabel hug, looking at his artwork of all the residents of the building in Only Murders in the Building.

The killer may be a new character who was not introduced in season 1 and has not yet been seen in season 2. In this regard, the motive and what exactly happened will not be not so clear in advance. To figure this out, though, it’ll be important to pay attention to all the new characters introduced in each episode for clues. For example, Charles’s father, who is not really dead but he only believed him to be, could be

Or, it could be a new resident, a friend or family member, or even someone just passing through, like a member of the podcast fan group, a security guard, a neighbor or local business owner. There’s a big question mark here, but fans are hoping that if the killer isn’t someone already introduced, it will still lead to a satisfying ending.

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