Outlast Trials Studio Says New Game Looks More Like “TV Series,” Variety Promises


With Outlast Trials now releasing in 2022, the developer sits down for an interview to discuss some of the finer points of this third installment.

Image from Outlast Trials showing the spooky figure of a man in a dimly lit room.

Survival trials is the third installment, fourth if you count the standalone Alert launcher DLC, in the disturbingly violent horror series from Red Barrels. While the previous games were single-player experiences that pitted an isolated individual surviving against all odds, the latest title will be more cooperative-oriented. With the new gameplay trailer for the upcoming horror multiplayer currently making the rounds, the developer has spoken about some details about the game and what it promises players to experience when it releases in 2022.

In a recent interview on the PlayStation blog, Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Morin spoke about Survive the trials, giving some background on the game, and what are some of the key gameplay elements that set it apart from previous installments. What he pursues is that while Survive to and Survive 2 look more like movies, the new game looks more like a TV series, adding that the “player’s journey to freedom will be long”. On top of that, he also said players would see more “variety” in enemies, getting to know a slew of new “violent characters.”

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Morin added that the reveal at this year’s Gamescom was an opportunity for the studio to reveal the bad news that the game had to be postponed until next year. Until the new trailer is unveiled, Survive the trials was one of the most anticipated horror games of 2021. However, the reason for the setback, according to Morin, is that Red Barrels can continue to work on the game. Although he said the team is almost done , overtime will mean Testing will be a more refined experience. He also said he wanted the studio to continue to question itself, as it did with previous games.

teaser image to survive the trials

The first trailer for Survive the trials released last June, and horror fans have been eagerly awaiting any news on game development ever since. Until the reveal at Gamescom this year, the studio was unwilling to talk much about the new game. Other art concepts were unveiled in July, but in general, Red Barrels kept things under control until recently.

Despite switching to a more cooperative play mode, the studio said that Testing can still be played solo. The Survive to games are known for their spooky enemies, terrifying scenery, and themes that aren’t afraid to confuse players and make them feel uncomfortable. It remains to be seen whether this last passage to the multiplayer format will pay off. It might put off old fans, but it might also sit down with the big cooperative horrors, such as Phasmphobia Where Death by the light of day.

Survival trials will be released in 2022.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog

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