Priyanka Bose: I want to do more business in India because the female characters are no longer linear | Web series

Actress Priyanka Bose is on a mission to shift her trajectory from niche cinema to more popular projects. And the changing narrative of women on screen motivates her decision.

“Today people are talking about different types of relationships and arrangements… It’s not about the male or female role you play, but the big picture,” said Bose, who has was widely acclaimed with an Oscar nominated film. , Lion.

The stories, as she claims, are not hero or heroine driven, and not even age dominated. “There are a lot of women of different age groups who have complete authority and authority. They are women who bring their own to this world, and where the hierarchy is not established with yeh hero hai, yeh heroine hai, aur tum apna dekhlo, ”she told us during a Zoom call.

Now the actor, who embarked on his Bollywood journey with Johnny gaddaar in 2007, feels that there are other characters, who support the whole story, which was a big change for all.

“And OTT is responsible for that as well. Even, the Indian OTT defies the standards. I saw several things and they knocked me down. I really want to do more business in India mainly for this reason… Because the characters of women are changing. The female characters of all age groups are so vibrant. We’re not linear people at all, I think men are simpler now, ”says the actor, who was last seen on The Wheel of Time web series.

In the past, Bose has been involved in projects such as Love Sex Aur Dhokha, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Gulaab Gang, Parchhayee, and Sadak 2. Now she has a desire to be more professionally active in India.

“Now the fact that I work less in India would hopefully change. The wheel of time this is my first time doing something popular. As soon as people see that I make such choices, I think other things will change as well… I’m very positive about that, ”she says.

Initially, his trajectory was more tied to niche cinema, and that is changing due to a change in his mindset. “I feel like on popular television I can be heard for a lot of things,” said the 39-year-old.

In addition, she feels that she is going through an interesting phase of her career. This is because she is evolving as a person and as a mother, which has a ripple effect on her career.

“Me and my partner educate while raising a girl. We want to understand how people want to represent themselves as individuals. Our old packaging is breaking. These things have definitely influenced me personally and mentally “, explains the actor, who juggles between countries for his projects.

As for her job, she is busy working on the second season of The Wheel of Time in which she is seen as Alanna Mosvani. “I was pleasantly surprised with the response I received for my role. I didn’t really expect that kind of expression from the fans, especially from India. Now I look forward to the rest of the story, ”she concludes.

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