Reminiscence: Actors and Characters Guide


Here’s a breakdown of the cast and characters of Hugh Jackman’s Reminiscence, a sci-fi mystery / thriller currently airing on HBO Max.

How far would you go to keep the ones you love? This is the question at the center of Reminiscence, the new sci-fi thriller directed by Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy. The film revolves around a private investigator navigating through memories lost in his climate-devastated future after his life changes when he meets a mysterious woman and uncovers a dangerous plot. Here is a guide to the main characters of Reminiscence, and the starred actors who bring them to life.

Hugh Jackman as Nick Bannister

Nick Bannister Reminiscent Hugh Jackman

The main character of Reminiscence is Nick Bannister, a veteran who now helps people relive their past. Using a special machine, Nick takes clients into their minds and helps them safely access lost memories. Despite his character as a lonely and scarred veteran, Bannister is also a caring person who often fails to charge his most damaged customers.

But Nick’s world is turned upside down when he meets the perplexed Mae, who soon disappears. Haunted by the idea that someone can just disappear, he becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth about their disappearance, uncovering a vicious plot. Nick Bannister is played by Oscar nominated actor Hugh Jackman, who is best known for his portrayal of Wolverine in the X Men movie theater.

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Rebecca Ferguson as Mae

Reminiscent of Mae Rebecca Ferguson

Mae is a mysterious woman who walks into Nick Bannister’s life asking him to help him find his missing keys using the Memory Machine. While she is certainly a femme fatale, she also displays a certain level of vulnerability that appeals to Nick. And what he finds in his mind makes him fall in love with her, and it only gets worse when Mae seems to disappear completely.

Actress Rebecca Ferguson, well known for her appearances in the Impossible mission series, portrayed Mae. She described the character as alive in “those broken moments, […] these nuances, […] these cracks. ”Ferguson and Jackman have previously appeared together in The greatest showman, which gives their characters an instant sense of connection.

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Thandiwe Newton as Watts

Watts Reminiscent Thandiwe Newton

Watts is Nick Bannister’s partner and a veteran colleague who helps him investigate people’s memories. She is addicted to alcohol and constantly shuns her military background. Nick is Watts’ only friend, having kept an eye on her while they served and continuing to try to help the injured veteran turn his pain into power. Watts is played by English actor Thandiwe Newton, who worked with director Lisa Joy on Westworld.

Cliff Curtis as Cyrus Booth

Reminiscent of the Cliff Curtis Cyrus booth

Cyrus Boothe is a corrupt policeman who enjoys the feeling of taking power from others. Unlike Nick, who frequently allows disadvantaged clients to use his services for free, Boothe doesn’t hesitate to tread on the backs of those less fortunate than him to get rich. He’s also totally loyal to the incredibly powerful drug dealer Saint Joe, who gave him the power he got drunk in the first place. Cyrus Boothe is played by Fear the living dead Cliff Curtis.

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Daniel Wu as Saint Joe

Souvenir of Saint Joe

An opiate called Baca is the drug of choice by the masses in Reminiscencethe future flooded, and Saint Joe is the man who sells it. Although he is an incredibly powerful dealer with many cops firmly in his pocket, he is also a damaged man, having experienced intense grief in his past. The character is played by Daniel Wu, who is an acclaimed actor in the Chinese film industry.

To meet the cast of Reminiscence, the film is currently in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

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