SCOTT GORHAM on reviving THIN LIZZY – “I proved the point with BLACK STAR RIDERS”

It was announced in September 2021 that Black Star Riders founder and lead guitarist Scott Gorham had decided to step down from all recording and touring commitments with the band.

A guest on The Hook Rocks!, Gorham opened up about his decision to leave Black Star Riders.

Gorham: “It was right at the start of the whole pandemic. I know Ricky (Warwick/vocals) wanted to do an album from the start, and I said, ‘Well, I can’t and I won’t get not on a plane right now, for god’s sake. We have this thing raging around all of us. It’s kind of impossible. And I didn’t want to do a Zoom album; I didn’t even want to consider that. Also, I wanted to start focusing on Thin Lizzy, going out and showing people those really good songs. So I thought it would be unfair to try to really put one hundred percent focus and effort into one and then the other one is kind of flailing to the side. So I thought, well, I’ve done four albums with Black Star Riders. I like them and I like the guys. I proved the point with Black Star Riders. Now is the time to focus a bit more on Thin Lizzy and see what we can do.

Black Star Riders, who signed a multi-album worldwide recording deal with Earache Records, were formed by members of legendary Irish rock band Thin Lizzy in 2013 and have released four albums on the Nuclear Blast label during their tenure. eight years of existence and have toured the world as headliners and special guests for some of the hottest names in rock.

Scott Gotham released the following statement announcing his departure:

“As you all know by now, I have decided to leave Black Star Riders to focus on getting Thin Lizzy back on track next year (which will include Ricky Warwick). Leaving a close-knit work environment shared with good friends over 8 years is never easy, but I felt the time was right, especially knowing that Ricky and the band and how awesome they are, would be safe to continue without me. They will build on past successes and I can’t wait to listen to their new album.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our fans for your fantastic support over the years, we always had fun touring and being able to shake hands with so many of you in person. Thanks also to all -wishers who posted such great comments on the web – it was much appreciated.

“There has been speculation regarding the state of my health so I would like to let you know that I am doing very well, having had the 2 covid shots and getting my flu shot tomorrow and trying to improve my game of golf, which has gone south recently…unfortunately.

“As for the Thin Lizzy concerts in 2022 – this is currently in the planning phase and I will make sure to update you on our progress regarding line-ups and dates.

“Once again I miss you all and thank you all and hope to see you very soon.

“Okay then… who’s buying?!”

Ricky Warwick said: “We’re really sorry to see Scott go, but we’ve been discussing a very heavy world tour commitment on the new record and Scott has decided he just wants to focus on Thin Lizzy – and being the legend that he is, none of us can blame him. We all wish him the best and he will be looking to get Thin Lizzy back on the road from 2022 with a busy schedule, so he won’t miss me too much!

Black Star Riders is set to hit the studio in Los Angeles on October 14 with longtime producer Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Steel Panther, Uriah Heep, Anthrax) to begin recording the sequel to Another State Of Grace in 2019.

The band announced that Los Angeles drummer Zak St. John would join them to record the new album. BSR bassist Robert Crane: “We’ve known Zak for a while on the LA sessions scene and I know he’s going to blow everyone’s mind when you see and hear him.”

The group is not looking to replace Scott Gorham and will remain a quartet in the future, with Ricky handling many guitar parts alongside Christian Martucci, who joined the band after album number three in 2018.

Black Star Riders is set to release, its as-yet-untitled fifth album, in early 2023 with dates expected to begin within a few weeks of release.

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