Shosuke is Komi can’t communicate the most relevant character

Komi can’t communicate is a popular high school anime series featuring the silent Dandere character Komi Shoko, who is on a mission to make 100 new friends this year and transform her social life forever. This leads to all sorts of goofy but heartwarming high school hijinks where, despite the mundane setting, everything feels larger than life.

All of this makes for a compelling watch, but while Shoko’s newfound friendships with Tadano Hitohito and the ultra outgoing Osana Najimi take center stage, Komi’s little brother is even more approachable no matter what Komi might do. in the series. Komi Shosuke is a typical surly teenager, and that’s actually what Komi can’t communicate needed.

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The Relative Ambiguity of Komi Shosuke

In the animated version of Komi can’t communicateVery little is known about Shosuke other than his high popularity with girls, as was evident from his brief stage at the Itan High School Culture Festival. At first, it might seem disappointing that so few details about Shosuke’s character are shown, such as his hobbies or backstory, but it helps make him more relatable to some viewers, to the point that he’s almost a self-insert like too much isekai. protagonists – minus harem and OP abilities, ie.

Instead, anime fans just get superficial, rudimentary details about Shosuke, mostly through observation. He dresses in dark colors, has a messy mop of equally dark hair, is a quiet kuudere type, and seems disinterested in the wild antics around him. All of this makes him a pretty typical moody teenager, and even if viewers aren’t or never were a quiet teenager like Shosuke, they’ve probably met someone like that and wondered what this was like. calm boy indoors. Shosuke has an air of mystery about him, and as a true teenager, he’s not too fond of sharing the intimate details of his personal life, even with his older sister or loving parents.

Fictional and real mothers are often slightly exasperated by their sons’ tight lips, but that’s only natural, and these teenagers will eventually move on and become more expressive and confident adults. The same could happen to Shosuke in due course, and until then, he’s a charming, aloof, surly teenager who knows how popular he is but can’t be bothered to say or do anything. either about it. Maybe real teenagers know how it feels too.

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The grounded realism of Komi Shosuke

As he is now, Komi Shosuke wouldn’t make a very compelling anime protagonist as he rarely engages with the people around him, lacks his sister’s lofty purpose, and seems to have few interests. or hobby. There is also a complete lack of drama and excitement in his life, aside from the borderline wish-fulfillment attention he receives from all the girls. This makes Shosuke more approachable and realistic, not less, since his character design avoids most of the compromises that other characters go through.

In any work of fiction, anime or otherwise, a character’s personality, actions, dialogue, goals, and even physical appearance are a compromise between realistic and unrealistic. Mechanically, a fictional character must be unrealistic for their character arc and scenes to be told effectively, convincingly, and meaningfully, while a real person has no author who molds their life into something worthy. an anime. Real life is messy, chaotic, and often boring or even inconsistent, which wouldn’t be good entertainment. However, a fictional character like Komi Shoko also needs to be superficially realistic for viewers to relate to, which is where the trade-off comes in. It sounds like a contradiction, but a skilled writer or director can pull it off.

Then there’s Komi Shosuke who, oddly high popularity aside, lacks the mechanical nature of a compelling fictional character. The story of Komi can’t communicate doesn’t try to give Shosuke a dynamic story arc or an epic social life, so he’s free to wander through the story on his own, without the author putting him on a set track. He’s like a real-life teenager who’s suddenly been cast into an animated series, but with no strings attached. Any Komi can’t communicate Fans can probably imagine themselves acting like Shosuke – a silent supporting character who doesn’t want to get caught up in the shojo-style comedy antics around them. Better to hide in the background and mind your own business like a real surly teenager.

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