Smallville: 10 most fearless characters, ranked

Small town is an iconic show from the early 2000s. It told the story of Clark Kent’s life before he became the legendary Superman. The show was a smash hit and spanned 10 seasons. He’s taken on huge DC storylines with many fans seeing him as the inspiration for the current Arrowverse.

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The show starred Clark Kent and his friends taking on metahumans and other deadly enemies without batting an eyelid. Clark and all of his allies, and even some enemies, overcame their fears and displayed bravery despite the almost constant danger. Whether they have powers of their own or just have a strong mind, every member of the show has worked hard to protect people and overcome their own fears.

ten Jimmy Olsen has always been alongside Lois and Chloe

Jimmy Olsen was featured later in the lifespan of the series, but he immediately jumped into the action. The courageous sidekick and photographer was still plunging into danger alongside Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane. He wasn’t even intimidated by Davis Bloome, who was Doomsday posing as a human. Jimmy matches his comedic counterpart – a light-hearted character who isn’t afraid to stand by his friends’ side in times of danger. While Jimmy ultimately passed away on the show, his legacy and impact helped propel Chloe’s arc to greater heights.

9 Lana Lang was often in distress

Lana Lang has been at the center of the series for many seasons. Her character has often served as a person in need of being saved. Although she is always in danger or captured, Lana has rarely shown fear. She said what she thought, stood up against the bad guys, and even turning into a tornado, she kept her cool and fought to stay alive. She got stronger and more confident each season, and she continued to stand up against those people who were trying to scare her. While Lana ultimately left the show, her impact on Clark’s life lasted forever.

8 Chloe Sullivan was involved from the start

Chloe Sullivan Smallville

Chloe Sullivan was in the show for most of her 10 years. She was Clark’s constant friend and sidekick. She was by his side for most of her early superhero career and she also crusaded alongside several other heroes in the later days of the series. Although she has no power and no ability beyond being an insightful, tech-savvy journalist, she never backed down. She was as brave as the Man of Steel and brought down her enemies with nothing but the power of the press.

seven Impulse was arrogant but did the right thing

Smallville Flash Pulse

Bart Allen (aka Impulse) was one of the first Beyond Clark superheroes that was featured in the series. At first he cared little for anyone other than himself. He stole everything he wanted and made a living from what he stole. After meeting Clark, his perspective began to change. He began to take care of people and use his powers for good. He decided that it was more important to help people than to just help himself. As a result, he joined Smallville’s version of the Justice League and dedicated his life to stopping baddies.

6 Lex Luthor stood up to Clark and Clark’s enemies

Lex Luthor in Smallville

Lex Luthor is one of the best characters to date Smallville. Michael Rosenbaum’s portrayal of Lex sticks with fans as one of the best castings in superhero franchises. Lex was both a friend and an enemy of Clark. However, in both roles he was totally fearless.

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Lex never backed down from anyone, not even his father, the gunmen, or the metahumans who threatened him. Lex was powerful, ruthless and determined to always be the winner.

5 Martha Kent never wavered in the face of danger


Martha Kent was Clark’s loving and compassionate mother. His values ​​and beliefs helped show Clark the kind of man and hero he needed to be. His courage was shown not only in dangerous situations, but also in raising Clark. She didn’t see a dangerous and unknown alien child, she saw a boy who needed a mother and her help. She took all of her developmental powers in her stride, taught her to love people and be good, and showed the bravery that only a mother can represent.

4 Lois Lane ran fearlessly in all situations

Lois Lane is one of DC’s most iconic characters. His name is synonymous with Superman. And while Superman can jump over tall buildings and stop bullets, Lois is no less impressive. The version of her on Small town is no different. She dove into every situation as if she was invincible and never backed down from a story, no matter how dangerous she put it. He’s an unstoppable force of nature who wouldn’t let anyone stop him from getting his story or helping him. friend.

3 Jonathan Kent would do anything for his family

Jonathan Kent is part of the foundation that makes Superman what he is. He showed her how to be strong, honorable and respectful. Jonathan has been an inspiration throughout Clark’s superhero career. He would do anything to protect his family; for example, to eliminate journalists who tried to blackmail them and stand up to the Luthor, who could have crushed him in several ways. However, none of this mattered when it came to protecting his family. Jonathan knew Clark couldn’t be exposed to the world until he was ready, so did everything in his power to make sure he wasn’t.

2 Oliver Queen connected the show to bigger stories

Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) helped propel the series into bigger DC stories and connected Clark to more heroes than ever before. Loved by all fans of the series, he was just a rich man with a bow and arrow. However, he saw opportunities where he could do good and help people. What makes him fearless is how he could have used his money to hide from the world. But instead, he decided to face it and bring heroes from around the world together to work together and protect more people.

1 Clark Kent is a symbol of courage


Clark Kent has always been a symbol of courage and honor. The portrait of him by Tom Welling on Small town was no different. The actor showed Clark’s best sides and reminded people why Superman is a hero. Ever since he was in high school, Clark has always done the right thing. It cost him friendships and interfered with every aspect of his life, but it never stopped. He has faced any enemy that came his way, from Darkseid to Doomsday, and never faltered when it came to protecting people. Clark Kent, even before he was Superman, was absolutely fearless.

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