Smash Hit Vikings TV Series Comes To Vikingard As Collaboration Kicks Off | iPhone and iPad Gaming Reviews

It’s time for Nordic fans everywhere to get excited, pick up their phones, scream Skol and feel ridiculous as the Vikings collaboration is launched for Vikingard. Players can now fight alongside their favorite characters from the hit TV series.

The new pre-launch event sets the stage for the entire collaboration, with the encounter of a mysterious new Viking girl who has deep knowledge of Ragnar’s famous journey. It is through this character that players encounter four iconic Vikings characters; Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo and Floki as they prepare to leave for their trip to England.

The event brings six objectives that take place over twenty-one days, with the storyline consisting of helping Floki create his secret fleet, sailing to England to plunder the new land, facing various traitors and enemies, and earn a noble rank for heroic deeds. It all ends with a prophecy about the adventures to come. Once the event is over, a review phase will begin and provide the option to relieve the entire storyline while replaying any game segment that has occurred.

Each of the four Viking heroes joining the adventure will possess unique weapons and stat-boosting skills, allowing them to fit effectively into any team immediately. They will also appear as NPCs in Mead Hall and can be played alongside various dice and card mini-games. Floki will also host the Treasure Hunt mini-game, providing one clue per day to earn the secret treasure.

Players will also be able to speak with these characters outside of battle to gain affinity with them, unlock special rewards, and keep them after the event ends. There will also be the Challenger’s Coast to participate in, involving powerful world bosses to conquer together. Once the battles are won, a huge Crossover Banquet will take place involving all the Vikings heroes in a wonderful scene filled with fan service.

Vikingard is available for download now on the App store and google play.

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