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Doctor Who and video games may have a long history together, but it’s not particularly strong. Maybe it’s the very scope of the Whoniverse or the fact that the main character is (mostly) a pacifist, but Doctor Who the games never really seem to hit the mark.

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With a slew of supporting characters, alien races, planets, and timelines to play with, it’s fun to speculate what might happen if a game developer got their hands on the license and received near-free reign. They could tell a multitude of stories in many genres, just like the series itself.


ten Professor River Song

Professor River Song is a hero in her own right, but with an evil side that sets her apart from her moralistic husband/wife. She’s slightly more selfish and definitely not above walking out of a situation.

A River Song game could easily play like a time-jumping, alien-infested version. grave robber. With a host of gadgets and weapons at her disposal, various slime lore, and an outfit for every occasion, players would have endless fun in this corner of the universe.

9 Abslom Daak

Yet to appear on screen (apart from a brief appearance in “Time Heist”), Abslom Daak is a comic book creation with a backstory well suited to the grittier video game experiences currently in vogue.

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After losing the love of his life to the deadliest race in the universe, Daak sets out to kill “every damn stinky Dalek in the galaxy!”. A Daak game would be a perfect exercise in bloodthirsty action, as players carve Daleks into Turok-Jungle environments, wielding the Dalek Slayer’s infamous chainsword.

8 K9

The adorable robot dog that first appeared in 1977 is the perfect candidate for a bright and colorful platformer. Players could take K9 through a variety of levels on different planets, using his laser gun to thwart enemies and rescue innocent civilians.

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As a bonus, developers could incorporate elements from the K9 spin-off series airing in Australia, allowing for customizable skins and a K9 that can fly! Being the sassy character that he is, K9’s sarcastic banter as he gets rid of the undesirables would add to the fun.

seven UNITY

UNIT, that ever-reliable organization that once touted the Doctor as one of its employees. A UNIT game would allow players to take full advantage of military combat and strategy elements as they battle alien invaders and mad scientists.

Combining warfare with intelligence and scientific skills, players could perhaps choose to play as a scientist or a UNIT soldier. To make things even more interesting, there could be two separate games – one set in the early years of UNIT and the other in the present day.

6 The Paternoster Gang

The Paternoster gang consists of Silurian detective Madame Vastra, benevolent Sontaran Strax, and Victorian swordsman Jenny Flint. Operating in the murky depths of misty Victorian London, they would lend themselves beautifully to a arkham asylum-esque stealth and horror game.

Each character has their own set of skills, allowing for a diverse gameplay experience – from crawling through foggy lamp-lit streets to hand-to-hand combat, and their dealings with serial killers and space parasites would create a haunting atmosphere.

5 Various alien races

Doctor Who is awash with alien races of all shapes, sizes and creeds. Empires of steel, plastic, or even pure energy, all vying for their place in the galaxy. Perfect fodder for a Age of Empires-stylish strategy game!

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There could be a selection of high level races to choose from – Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Sontarans for example – and the player would take their selected race and build their empire. From building military bases to conquering planets, while avoiding space plagues and cosmic interference, this game would have great potential.

4 Space Security Service

First appearing in “The Daleks’ Master Plan”, the Space Security Service is sworn to protect Earth and the space around it. Dealing with all sorts of alien threats, including the Daleks, a game based on military force would have a wide reach.

Combining action and espionage, the player could control an agent infiltrating an alien villain’s base, using stealth as well as power to achieve his goal. Enemies could range from the aforementioned inhabitants of Skaro to the fearsome Cybermen.

3 Torchwood

A Torchwood game could work as a spooky action-adventure. This might work with a style similar to Control, mixed with dark humor and full of mysteries to solve. Players would also have access to a range of playable characters from the Torchwood universe.

As a show, Torchwood was able to go further than the series it came from, allowing a potential game to really build on the adult-oriented elements. Body horror, complicated relationships, and a host of nasty enemies would create a deeply involved and story-driven experience.

2 The Eternals

The Eternals are an ancient, immortal race of beings who use humans, or “Ephemerals,” for entertainment. It might be the most obscure entry on this list, but a game based on the antics of 1983’s excellent “Enlightenment” series could make for an interesting racing game.

In said story, the Eternals clash in spaceships disguised as pirate ships. Imagine soaring through galaxies, dodging asteroids and planets in a sailboat. The show alone would be worth it, especially in glorious 4K.

1 weeping angels

Take the concept of Alien Isolation – i.e. being stalked by an unkillable threat with only the player’s mind to protect it. Change the setting from a spaceship to a spooky house and replace the Xenomorph with the scariest monster in Doctor Whofrom the modern series. Survival horror heaven!

Rather than guns or explosives, players must rely on mirrors to keep Weeping Angels at bay. For more scope, the game could take place in an entire village, with several statues in freedom…

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