Swimming With The Sharks stars Kiernan Shipka and Diane Kruger on their characters’ strange chemistry [Interview]

Kathleen said it was really important for her to write a story that didn’t have women trying to supplant themselves. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the dynamic between these two characters.

Shipka: What I loved about Joyce and Lou and what really resonated with me, and continues to resonate, is that we all have people in our lives that we have a ton of chemistry with, even if that doesn’t really make sense. And you know, you meet people, you meet people and you immediately connect on a level that feels a little deeper and a little more spiritual. I think that dynamic was so appealing to me as an actor and everything else, everything that happens, makes sense. When at the end of the day, you could justify the fact that Lou and Joyce have this kind of soul connection that is very weird and quirky, but honest.

They’re both pretty dark characters, but you still understand their decisions and why they make them. I would love to hear you talk about finding the humanity in these characters.

Kruger: You know, that’s what drew me to this show: it’s so pulpy and it’s so funny and outrageous at times, but deep down I’m thinking of two very well-rounded and fully formed female characters and even to the supporting actors, all of them have very good scripts, including my husband [Gerardo Celasco]. You know, even if it’s a cheating husband, I understand where he’s coming from and why he’s cheating. So I like the greyness of the characters. Yeah, so for me, that was the fun part of being a part of it.

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