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Peaky Blinders loyalists yearning for more magic from series creator Steven Knight will be delighted to know that he is working on another show for the BBC called two tone. While the show will be more about the UK music scene than crime, fans are hoping it will have intriguing characters like Tommy Shelby and Alfie Solomons.

As a show, Peaky Blinders primarily dominates others in the genre due to the compelling fictional and real-life characters that drive the plot. There are hardly any badly written characters, but some are more fan favorites than others, according to votes on Ranker.


ten Charles “Uncle Charlie” Strong

Charlie often helps the Shelby siblings organize their inventory and prepare their illegal shipments. He also takes care of the stables belonging to the Shelby Company Limited.

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Charlie’s ingenuity causes the Shelbys to see him as family, even though he is not related to them by blood. He’s an important figure on the show because he’s one of the few people Tommy listens to without dismissing them halfway through. And as good-hearted as Charlie is, he doesn’t mind committing criminal acts for the Peaky Blinders. This is best seen when he smuggles Danny Whizbang into London.

9 Luca Changretta

Changretta takes cover in a shootout with the Peaky Blinders in Birmingham

The boss of the Changretta crime family is undoubtedly one of the best of all time Peaky Blinders bad guys. He shows up in Birmingham in Season 4 to avenge the deaths of his family members at the hands of Tommy’s men.

Luca’s self-confidence is his most impressive trait. He does not hesitate to confront Tommy and to promise him death because he is almost sure that he will emerge victorious. Much of the credit goes to him for waging the war in a way that no other villain does. Although he doesn’t fully achieve his goal, he does at least manage to get John killed, a loss that emotionally destroys the members of the Shelby family.

8 Polly Gray

Helen McCrory Polly Gray Peaky Blinders Costume

Polly is the matriarch of the Shelby family for the first 5 seasons of the BBC drama. Unfortunately, she is killed by the IRA in the final season.

Always tough, Polly has no problem raising even the toughest gangsters. She always knows what is best for the family. If she has to sacrifice one person for the safety of others, she will happily do so and that’s why she pushes for a deal with Changretta to spare the rest and only go after Tommy. Besides her stern nature, she has great business acumen and is primarily responsible for the success of the Shelby Company Limited.

7 Curly

Promotional photo of Curly in Peaky Blinders

Curly is known as a dedicated ferryman and stableman at Charlie Strong’s Yard. He rarely speaks but always does what is asked of him.

Curly’s hard work is mostly what makes him dear to fans. Even Tommy tells May that Curly is “the best rider in Englan”. And like all the other Shelby family associates, he never has a problem getting violent whenever the need to defend himself arises. Curly is also very hospitable, judging by the way he treats May when she comes to pick up Tommy.

6 Ada Shelby

The only woman among the Shelby siblings, Ada initially stays away from the family business. Later in the series, she becomes manager of property and acquisitions in the U.S. office of Shelby Company Limited.

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Ada comes across as an interesting character as she enjoys challenging her family. Not only does she marry a communist, but she also engages in communist causes, which isolates her. But despite her differences with her family, she remains loyal and never compromises their operations in a major way.

5 Johnny Dogs

Johnny Dogs Gathers Weapons for War with Kimber in Peaky Blinders

Dogs is introduced in season one as an associate of the Shelby family. He rarely appears for the rest of the series, doing favors for Tommy whenever he asks.

Holding the Shelby siblings in high regard, Dogs establishes herself as a likeable character. Whether it’s getting rid of dead bodies or just arranging a wedding (as he does when John is forcibly married to Esem), he will do it. He is also a bringer of tranquility, which he proves by successfully getting the Shelby family and the Lee family to sign a treaty.

4 John Shelby

Although not one of the smartest Peaky Blinders characters, John is a high-ranking member of the family and is said to own 1/3 of the shares of the Shelby Company Limited. He is also a war hero, having served under the Warwickshire Yeomanry.

John can always be counted on to be on the front lines defending the family whenever there’s a gang war. After all, he is literally a terminator as he once confesses to killing over 100 men. He is also very proud to be a member of Peaky Blinders and he is not shy about sacrificing his own happiness for the sake of the family. It is for this reason that he agrees to marry Esme.

3 Alfie Solomon

Tom Hardy as Alfie in Peaky Blinders

Camden Town’s crime boss often switches between being an associate of Tommy and being an enemy. On the business side, he has invested heavily in racetrack rackets and a rum distillery.

The main thing that makes Alfie a legendary character is that he is played by one of Hollywood’s finest actors, Tom Hardy. His speech also tends to be very impressive and as such Alfie’s best quotes in Peaky Blinders weren’t topped by most of the other main characters. Alfie’s unpredictability also makes him an interesting character to follow as there is no telling when he will kill or betray.

2 Arthur Shelby

Arthur is the eldest of the Shelby siblings. He is also vice-president of Shelby Company Limited and Tommy’s right-hand man.

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Arthur can be both kind and brutal, depending on his mood. Thanks to its brutality, the Peaky Blinders are very feared. He is often at the center of any plan to punish enemies, including the attack on the Eden Club and the murder of a race referee. Arthur’s complicated relationship arcs also tend to make for great viewing.

1 Tommy Shelby

Peaky Blinders Season Six Finale Tommy finds Doctor Lied holding a gun to his head

Tommy starts out as crime boss and leader of the Peaky Blinders. He soon becomes MP for Birmingham and a distinguished member of the Labor Party.

Tommy thrives on intelligence and poise. He is always composed and rarely makes the wrong decisions. Hence, he manages to get the better of his enemies throughout the BBC drama. And although he leads the most dangerous gang in the country, Tommy is not heartless. On many occasions, he showed remorse and empathy.

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