The 10 fictional characters who have appeared in the most films


In any storytelling, the plot and spectacle are secondary to the character – without characters that an audience can invest in, a story will never have the power of great art. The reason sequels dominate the movie market is because they give audiences the chance to revisit the characters they love.

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Watching this influx of sequels, many characters have appeared in multiple movies, throughout the story. Many of them are pop culture icons in their own right.

ten Mickey Mouse is the most prolific character in American animation

Disney mickey mouse

Disney dominates the film industry, and the face of this corporate titan is, of course, Mickey Mouse. Created by Walt Disney himself, a prototypical Mickey Mouse first appeared in the 1928s Steamship Willie. The character appeared in countless animated shorts over the next two decades, evolving into his now more familiar self as supporting characters developed around him.

Even after the release of his animated shorts has slowed, Mickey is ubiquitous in Disney media – they’re called “The House Of Mouse” for a reason.

9 Bugs Bunny has appeared in countless animated shorts

Mickey Mouse wasn’t the only icon to emerge from the golden age of animation. At Warner Bros., the home of Looney Tunes, many other animated anthropomorphic animals entertained the audience.

The main mascot of the Looney Tunes the cast is Bugs Bunny, since he first asked “Hey … what’s up, doc?” »In the 1940s A wild hare, Bugs has appeared in over 150 films, ranging from animated shorts to feature films like Space Jam.

8 Godzilla is Japan’s most famous and frequent movie star

Shin godzilla

Not all movie icons originate from the Western world. The most important creation of 20th century Japanese pop culture is the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. The first film of 1954 Gojira, presented the monster as an allegory of nuclear and environmental destruction, with strong human emphasis.

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However, this movie was far from the end for Godzilla. The monster has appeared in 36 films in total, many of which have reinterpreted the character and setting for more fantastical purposes. However, the years 2016 Shin godzilla brought the titan back to its most horrific roots.

7 Few characters are reinvented as much as Dracula

Bram Stoker invented the archetype of the modern vampire with his 1897 novel, Dracula. The eponymous, bloodsucker account first appeared in FW Murnau’s 1922 classic, infringing copyright Nosferatu. It was in 1931 that a good Dracula adaptation created by Todd Browning, with a legendary performance by Bela Lugosi as the villain.

There have been over 100 Dracula films in total – this frequency was undoubtedly aided by the novel, and therefore the character, entered the public domain in 1962.

6 Sherlock Holmes is more of a literary icon, but he’s been in a lot of movies

Sherlock Holmes & Dr Watson

Sherlock Holmes (not to mention his partner, Dr John Watson) is older than the movie itself. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Detective Debut, A study in scarlet, released in 1887, 9 years before 1896 by the Lumière brothers Train arriving at a station. With this overlap in their creative times, it didn’t take long for Holmes’ path to cross that of film.

The most famous cycle of Holmes films was from 1939 to 1946 – in just seven years, 14 films (with Basil Rathbone as Holmes) told the stories of Conan Doyle. Of course, the Rathbone films are just the tip of a very thick iceberg. Of The private life of Sherlock Holmes to Guy Ritchie’s duology Holmes, the 221B Baker Street detective keeps getting reinterpreted.

5 James Bond appeared in 27 films

James Bond over the years split image

Like Holmes, Bond is another British pulp hero who has his origins in adventure books. Even more than Holmes, Bond has become more of a film icon than a literary one. One of the main reasons for this is the constant influx of new Bond films since the original. Dr No in 1962.

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There are a total of 27 Bond films, all but 2 of which are the work of Eon Productions. Of these 25 films, 6 actors have played Bond, starting with Sean Connery (who took over the role for the non-Eon Never say never) and more recently Daniel Craig.

4 Tarzan fell by the wayside, but got all the filmography

Disney's Tarzan.

John Carter of Mars and Tarzan Of The Apes are the two most famous creations of pulp writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, but only the latter has made a rapid jump from print to broadcast media. After a series of silent films, the most famous Tarzan films arrived in the 1930s – star Johnny Weissmüller appeared in 12 films, starting with the 1932s. Tarzan the ape man.

Aside from the 1999 Disney animation Tarzan movie, the character hasn’t had as many purchases in recent years. The colonialist subtext of the source material and the changing attitudes of it are probably the culprits.

3 Frankenstein’s Monster Tragedy Has Been Told Many Times

Frankenstein of the Universal Monsters

Mary shelley’s Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus was published eight decades before Dracula, but stories rose to prominence in movies around the same time. In 1931, the same year as Todd Browning Dracula, James Whale directed Frankenstein, with Boris Karloff in the role of the monster. Shelley’s novel had been adapted into three silent films earlier, but Whale’s film surpasses them in glory.

Whale back for the sequel Bride of Frankenstein, and Karloff for many others. Most subsequent adaptations of Frankenstein, of whom there are many, derive much of their iconography and characterizations – especially regarding the monster – more from the Whale movie than from the Shelley novel.

2 Batman never leaves the big screen for long

Batman 1989

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most prolific superhero film series, its recency and very structure (multiple interconnected franchises feeding into each other) means there is no such thing as a superhero. single star hero. On the DC side, however, that title is definitely owned by Batman.

The Caped Crusader has appeared in 16 theatrical films (soon to be 18 in 2022), and when you count the live-action movies, the number grows.

1 Michael Myers’ reign of terror will never end

Laurie Strode is hiding from Michael Myers on Halloween

Beat Friday 13 by a temporal hair (2 years), Halloween is the oldest slasher franchise. The liberation of Halloween kills in 2021 brings the series to 12 entries-the incoming Halloween ends will in turn increase it further to a total of 13.

Like most horror movies, the show’s real star is the villain, Michael Myers. Except aberration of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Myers appeared in all Halloween movie theater. Like any good slasher, he refuses to stay on the ground.

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