The 10 Luckiest MCU Characters, Ranked

As She-Hulk continuing to unfold Jennifer Walter’s story on Disney+, the series began its arc from her lucky survival in an accident that led to her becoming the titular protagonist. Although Jen was lucky to get away with it, there were characters with an even better case of luck.

It ranges from Tony Stark surviving in space against all odds to rescuing Scott Lang from a rat. Luck has usually been the key factor for characters to get through any conflicts they’ve been involved in, so it’s interesting to see which benefited the most and in what way.


ten Tony Stark

Most of the funniest quotes from the first phase of the MCU came from Tony, which wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t been lucky enough to survive the near-fatal attack on him in the first movie. . Tony was definitely a genius, but he needed luck to avoid close shaves.

This includes falling through the portal to Earth, just in time, rather than being trapped in space in The Avengers and be rescued by Captain Marvel in deep space Avengers: Infinity War. His luck also showed up when Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy were all saved from Thanos’ Snap, meaning Tony didn’t lose as much during the Blip.

9 Steve Rogers

Fans on Twitter were recently abuzz about Captain America due to She-Hulkwho revealed that he had different luck during a USO tour in 1943. But the character was lucky overall, such as when he survived decades due to landing on a well-placed ice, and when he was rescued by Bucky from the wreckage of the Helicarrier when he should have died.

Steve’s greatest stroke of luck came from the time travel the Infinity Stones provided for him, which allowed him to travel back in time to be with his long-lost lover, Peggy Carter. He had to endure a lot, but Steve was lucky enough to smile at him overall.

8 Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop was far from trained during Hawk Eye and above all survived thanks to luck. This included her many drops being broken by material luckily placed along the way and her random use of trick arrows which turned out to be exactly what she wanted at the time.

Kate eventually became skilled enough to fight on her own, but she needed things to fall into place to make that happen. In fact, Kate was lucky enough to be in the Ronan Suit Auction that got her involved in the whole thing, meaning her transformation into a hero is down to chance.

seven Korg

MCU fans generally see Korg as something of a walking meme, with the character involved in a lot of hilarity. But that wouldn’t have been possible if he hadn’t been lucky enough to survive. Thor: Love and Thunder nearly saw him killed by Zeus, only for the latter to conveniently miss Korg’s face, which was the only thing keeping him alive.

Korg was also lucky to find himself with Thor on Sakaar, without which he could never have escaped. Korg’s biggest stroke of luck was when Thanos chose not to execute him and allowed him to escape while the other half of the ship was the unfortunate slain.

6 Happy Hogan

Happy was able to maintain his life and livelihood due to the intervention of other factors. He was nearly killed by Justin Hammer’s forces in iron man 2 until Black Widow rescued him, was also able to survive in iron man 3 while being plunged into an artificial coma and kept his job Spider-Man: Homecoming thanks to the efforts of the titular protagonist.

Happy’s loyalty to his friends is absolute, and he only got into sticky situations because he was watching them. Still, he wouldn’t have gotten this far if his allies hadn’t been in the right place to save him, though Happy is now on his own after losing his memories of Peter after Tony and May died.

5 James Rhodes

Rhodey is one of the most effective characters in terms of combat, but even he needed luck to survive. He was lucky when Tony came to his rescue by iron man 3the climax just as he was about to be taken down, when his fall into Captain America: Civil War was fortunately cushioned by his armour, and when he was saved from drowning in Avengers: Endgame by Ant-Man.

Rhodey’s good fortune was evident when he was one of the half of the universe that didn’t perish in Thanos’ Snap, in addition to not being selected to go to Vormir when he was so close. to make the trip that he would most likely be dead.

4 Clint Barton

Clint has had many close calls over his time that have kept him going so far. In The Avengers, he was lucky not to be killed by Loki in the opening and somehow escaped his mind control when there seemed to be no way. Clint also survived Avengers: Age of Ultron thanks to the practical presence of the regeneration cradle.

Clint’s luck continued when Quicksilver stood in his way to take the bullets he would have died for, while Black Widow sacrificed herself for him in Avengers: Endgame. Although Clint sadly lost his family in the Snap, he was also lucky that they all came back for him to reunite his family.

3 Baby Groot

Baby Groot would easily be dead upon opening Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 his friends hadn’t spotted him near peril each time and rescued him. He was also lucky that the Mutinous Ravagers decided to not only let him live, but to roam freely, allowing Groot to save Rocket and Yondu.

Baby Groot’s existence itself is a fluke as he turned out to be the sapling that Rocket salvaged from the original Groot’s remains. He wasn’t so lucky when he was older when he fell victim to the Snap, but his baby form survived infancy thanks to luck on his side.

2 Loki Laufeyson

Loki is widely regarded as one of the best villains in the MCU, with the character having moments that would have killed anyone else. Loki’s luck was visible when he survived falling into the chasm Thor, and though he lost in the Battle of New York and was taken captive by Asgard, he at least had a comfortable prison.

Loki’s luck showed up again when he fell in Sakaar rather than die, where he gained favor from the Grand Master. While the original Loki died at the hands of Thanos, the character was once again lucky when his variant escaped with the Space Stone and found reprieve with the Time Variance Authority to redeem himself. .

1 Scott Lang

Scott is by far the luckiest MCU character to have gone through impossible odds to regain his freedom and his family and save the universe. He was initially lucky when he escaped from the Quantum Realm, which had previously trapped Janet van Dyne for 30 years.

Scott’s greatest luck shone upon him when a rat opened the portal to the Quantum Realm where he had been trapped – time only passed a few hours for him compared to five years like everyone else. Scott was lucky his family survived the Snap, and his good fortune gave him the idea for the Time Heist which eventually brought back everyone who had been killed by Thanos.

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