The 10 Most Influential People of the Old Republic Era

Following the successes of Obi Wan Kenobi TV series, Tales of the Jedi comics, and Knights of the Old Republic video games, star wars fan interest remains unwavering regarding this fundamental part of the galactic timeline. While Disney has wisely begun integrating the rich characters of the Old Republic into the official universe, fans are hoping that characters like Meetra Surik and Darth Nihilus might one day make it to the big screen.

Spanning from around 25,000 BBY to 1,000 BBY, the Old Republic era includes some of the most beloved characters in the star wars Legends universe. Also known as the Sith ra, the Old Republic would see the introduction of many influential icons, ranging from arguably the most crucial Mand’alor of all time to a Sith powerful enough to consume a planet’s life force. whole.


Ajunta Pall

Former Dark Jedi brand Jedi and exiled Ajunta Pall will lead his fellow exiles into the Unknown Regions. Settling on the ancient world of Korriban, Pall encounters the native Sith species and, through cunning displays of power through the Force, subdues the primitive natives. By establishing the Sith Empire, Pall would become the first Dark Lord of the Sith and expand his territories, moving the Empire’s capital to Ziost.

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Ultimately, Pall’s schism of the Jedi Order would begin the Hundred Year Darkness, leading to the discovery of Korriban, the force-sensitive Sith, and the formation of the first Sith Empire. This Empire would expand and prosper over the next nearly 2,000 years and mark the beginning of the term “Sith” as a synonym for dark side Force users and arch-enemy of the Jedi.

Empress Teta

The “warrior princess” of the Koros system, Empress Teta would earn the admiration and loyalty of her people during the Koros unification wars. Eventually, Teta will unite the Koros system, turning it into a valuable trading partner on a galactic scale. But unfortunately, the victory is short-lived, as Koros is one of the first systems set up by the Sith Empire of Naga Sadow in the Great Hyperspace War.

Once again, Teta will show his fighting skills, leading his forces from the front to repel the Sith invasion. Finally, seeing a quick and decisive resolution, Teta recognizes the Sith’s vulnerability and leads the war on Sadow in the Battle of Korriban, crippling his fleet and effectively ending the war. With scholarship, Teta uses her proven skills as a politician, ruling the Koros system for 175 years. Eventually, it was renamed the Empress Teta System in his honor, illustrating his impact on the Old Republic.

Darth Bane

Visionary, Aquarius-like Darth Bane took the galactic experience that were the Sith and altered and streamlined it, using knowledge of ancient Sith holocrons, and seeing all that tormented the Sith, the cut like a festering wound. At this pivotal moment in the Old Republic, Bane will ensure both the survival and the future of the Sith, advising them with the rule of two.

Eventually, Bane is usurped by his apprentice, Darth Zannah, perpetuating a thousand-year consolidation of Sith power. Culminating with Order 66 and the eventual completion of the Great Plan, Bane proved instrumental in leading the Sith out of the Old Republic and their evolution into the Galactic Empire, proving to be one of the most successful Sith. important all the time.

Darth Malgus

A force-sensitive male born on Dromund Kaas in 3700 BBY, Veradun, is sent to the Sith Academy for training. Displaying his considerable mastery of the Force, Veradun is taken on as an apprentice by Darth Vindican, becoming Malgus. From 3681 BBY, with the re-emergence of the Sith Empire and the recapture of Korriban, Darth Malgus will stand out, securing victories for the Empire and fueling its legendary status.

Introduced as a type of Darth Vader in the Old Republic, Malgus would come to view the Sith Empire as weak and ineffectual as the Republic, embarrassed by its signature anti-alien policy, and oppose it. As the dark side of Yin to Yang of Satele Shan, Malgus’ involvement in many of the Old Republic’s formative events, combined with his power and proactive mindset, clearly illustrates his importance and influence in the Old Republic.

Hylo Visz

Villain Mirialan, smuggler extraordinaire Hylo Visz proved that even the non-Force-sensitive can impact and influence galactic history. Growing up on Nar Shaddaa, displaced and orphaned by the Great Galactic War, Visz’s aptitude with spaceships and cavalier mindset landed her employment with the Hutts, the Galactic Republic, and others. Visz builds a comprehensive underground network, always opportunistic, marking his mark on the Old Republic.

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Alas, many might point out that without Visz’s masterful execution of his plan, breaking the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way, thus revitalizing a Republic on the brink of defeat, much of the Old Republic timeline might seem noticeably different.

Mandalore the Ultimate

The Shadow Grandfather, Mandalore the Ultimate, possessed undeniable foresight, beginning the evolution of the “Mandalorian” from a Spartan-like species to a warrior culture that prided itself on its dedication to the creed of honor and glory in battle. Driven to uplift the Mandalorians, Mandalore would prove easily swayed by the dark side manipulations of a Sith emissary, officially beginning the Mandalorian Wars with the Battle of Althir.

Eventually, the intervention of Jedi Revan and the Revanchists turned the tide of the war, leading to the climactic Battle of Malachor V that produced another legendary Old Republic Jedi. Here, Mandalore would fall in single combat to Revan, revealing the Sith’s manipulation of Mandalorians. This revelation would prove a catalyst, spurring Revan on to launch, culminating in his discovery of Dromund Kaas, paving the way for the next 330 years in the Old Republic.

Nomi Sunrider

Beginning as the humble wife of former Jedi Andur Sunrider, Nomi Sunrider would adapt to the will of the Force and become a Jedi after her husband was brutally murdered by Hutt mobsters. From the start of her Jedi training, Nomi’s strong connection to the Force was evident as she apprenticed with some of the most revered Jedi masters of the time, such as Odan-Urr and the Tchuukthai Thon.

Serving the Jedi Order with honor and distinction, Nomi would be instrumental in defeating the Brotherhood of the Sith in the Great Sith War and severing Ullic Qel-Droma’s connection to the Force, marking the war’s turning point. . Returning as a hero, Nomi will guide the Jedi Order as Grand Master and help shed light on the vital role and responsibility associated with the Jedi’s signature weapon, the lightsaber.


It would be hard to find a more identifiable icon of the Old Republic than Revan, who apparently had his fingers ingrained in many of the formative events of the Old Republic era, such as the Old Sith Wars and the Galactic War. Revan has impacted billions of lives through his actions, whether fighting the Mandalorians and their famous basilisk war droids as they seek conquest or engaging in a battle of wills at through the Force for centuries with the nearly immortal Sith Emperor.

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Revan may have acted as a physical avatar of the Force as it pushed the galaxy through its ever-changing journey. Either way, Revan’s impact on the Old Republic is indisputable, as his legacy and teachings impacted both Jedi and Sith alike. star wars universe.

Satelé Shan

Representing the Light side’s counterweight to the cosmic balance of the Old Republic, Satele Shan led the Jedi Order as Grand Master through the Great Galactic, Cold, and Galactic Wars with his unwavering devotion and unwavering determination. A descendant of the legendary Bastila Shan and Revan, Satele’s connection to the Force gave her incredible insight and poise, which she used to battle the Sith Emperor, intent on eradicating all life.

But, sadly, overwhelmed by the heavy casualties under her command in the fight against the Eternal Empire, Satele will abdicate her prestigious honor as a grandmaster. Nonetheless, Satele would continue her attunement with the Force, listening to her wisdom and offering guidance to help lead the galaxy toward its desperately needed harmony.


In many ways, the Darth Sidious of the Old Republic, Tenebrae, began wreaking havoc during the time of the great Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos. Ultimately, he would rule the Sith Empire for over a thousand years, ushering in its return to power and crippling its millennial rival, the Galactic Republic.

Certainly representing the greatest longevity of the Old Republic, Tenebrae’s life spans from the final stages of the Golden Age of the Sith in 5113 BBY until his annihilation in 3626 BBY. During this time, Tenebrae would rule multiple galactic empires, instigate many galaxy-spanning conflicts, and nearly defeat death itself, proving to be among the charters of Old Republic history.

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