The 10 worst character names

With new heroes and villains appearing in almost every episode, the popular animated superhero show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir has its work cut out for creative character names. Some names consist of witty puns such as Psychomedian or Animaestro. Others are simple but effective names such as the titular ladybug itself which needs no other form of introduction.

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However, some characters were not so creatively named. So far, there are three characters named after bananas. There are characters named only after their abilities. There are even characters that are only misnamed due to mistranslations resulting from the show’s release in multiple languages.

ten Harry Clown was a little on the nose

As something between a prankster and a stand-up comedian, Harry was given the very obvious surname of Clown. It’s a bit on the nose, especially when paired with the actual nose that he’s so fond of honking in his comedy routines.

With a name like that, it’s no surprise that Harry decided to pursue acting, apparently deciding that his career should match his last name. Yet, as an akumatized villain, Harry is very cleverly named Psychomedian, which distracts from the obvious tied to his usual name.

9 Rooster Bold is more of a statement than a hero name

Having received the Rooster Kwami, the character of Marc Anciel has proven that he is not very creative in coming up with heroic names despite his ambition to become a comic book scriptwriter. Marc named himself Rooster Bold, implying that he was as bold as his Rooster Kwami, Orikko.

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The Kwami Orikko was named after the French sound of a cock crowing Cocorico, the English equivalent being cock-a-doodle-doo. Maybe Marc should have taken a leaf from the writer’s book and named himself Cocorico instead of indicating the animal he was supposed to be combined with his heroic identity.

8 Doorman was based on the New York Doormen

With the ability to open portals to anywhere in the world, character Dean Gate named his heroic alter ego Doorman. It’s not a terrible name considering that Doorman’s design is based on New York’s Doormen who allow entry into prestigious buildings such as the Plaza Hotel.

On the other hand, Doorman’s name is rather boring for children to repeat. In pretend play, kids want something cool to sing along to. screams “I’m the bad bad Shadow Moth” has power and gravity, but shouting “I am a doorman“just doesn’t have the same impact.

seven Guitar Villain was a game about Guitar Hero

Everything about Jagged Stone’s name is a reference to real-life rock legends and the musical genre he loves so much. In fact, Jagged Stone is synonymous with Hard Rock, the kind of music Jagged plays. Besides that, Jagged’s last name is a reference to the beloved rock band, The rolling stones.

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Yet each time Jagged Stone is akumatized, he becomes the chaotic Guitar Villain, whose name is an obvious music video game revamp, Guitar Hero. Due to the video game reference, Guitar Villain’s name isn’t bad. However, it is the obvious choice. Also, many young viewers probably don’t understand the reference to a video game first released in 2005, long before most of the show’s audience was born.

6 Miss Hound is a non-creative name

As a character, Sabrina was not known for her creativity. When given the Dog Miraculous, she chose a name given to dogs known for retrieving items, preceded by her maiden title, Miss Hound.

Yet in the original French dub, Sabrina’s hero name was Traquemoiselle, which loosely translates to Miss Tracker. It’s ideally a much better name for Sabrina’s alter-ego, as her ability isn’t just to be a hunting dog, but more of a tracker, who can claim any object her bullet hits. .

5 Barkk and Roarr are boring names for Kwamis

Each Kwami was named very deliberately by the Miraculous writers. Tikki’s name is Hindi for happiness. As the Kwami of Destruction, Plagg was named after the plague. The Fox Kwami Trixx were named after their mischievous personalities.

Each of the nineteen Kwamis in the Mother Box have thoughtful names that match their personality and powers, with the exception of the dog Kwami, Barkk, and the tiger Kwami, Roarr. After so many creative names, it’s kind of boring to hear about Barkk and Roarr being named after the sounds their pets are known for.

4 Simpleman was very simply named

Before being akumatized, Rolland Dupain already had a silly character name since the name Dupain literally translates to bread. So, the whole Dupain family named themselves after the bread they baked so famously.

Rolland’s name didn’t improve the second time he was akumatized and became Simpleman. However, with the power to simplify things, there were few other choices for this villain. If the writers had decided to give Dupain a different name, he probably would have been given an equally simplistic name, like Monsieur Villain.

3 Pigella is a boring hero name

Rose Lavillant has become the carrier of the Pig Miraculous, and with it she transforms into the superhero Pigella. However, early designs for the upbeat hero revealed that she was originally going to be called Porcinella before the name was changed.

Many viewers of the show don’t think either name fits the hero, commenting that it’s simply a combination of Cinderella and a pig. Since it’s too late to change names now, fans have made peace with Pigella’s name, loving the bubbly character nonetheless.

2 Mr. Pigeon may one day return as Mr. Rat

The villainous Mr. Pigeon has been around since the show first aired. His powers are as obvious as his name, allowing him to communicate and control all the pigeons to do whatever he wants. After being akumatized 72 times, Mr. Pigeon’s powers grew to allow him to turn his victim into pigeons, giving him an even larger army to control.

The show hinted that there might one day be an end for Mr. Pigeon, but that doesn’t mean the end of his evilness. Instead, he may one day return as the equally obvious Mister Rat.

1 Queen Banana and Banana Boom-Boom are a pair

In the first episodes of the series, Miraculous introduced the character of Mr. Banana, a TV show mascot whose catchphrase is on the contrary, “Stay Peachy.” Although many would say a banana-based character was enough, Miraculous was not done.

After Chloe was akumatized again, she transformed into the evil Banana Queen, and was given a Sentimonster partner, Banana Boom-Boom. If there was a joke between the writers about bananas, viewers certainly didn’t get it. Instead, some wondered if there would be a fourth banana-based character to join the growing roster.

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