The 7 Cutest Pixar Characters, Ranked

Pixar is one of the most famous animation studios. With masterpieces such as toy story, The world of Nemo, The Incredibles, and more, it’s no wonder the studio has gained so many fans over the years. One of the things fans can usually count on when watching a Pixar movie is seeing characters they really care about.

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Characters are an important part of any story, and Pixar does a great job of creating hilarious characters like Edna Mode (The Incredibles), Mike Wazowksi (Monsters Inc.), and Alfred Linguini (Ratatouille). Along with characters that make fans laugh, Pixar has a huge catalog of lovable characters that fans can fall in love with.

7 Life point of an insect

Life point of an insect

Dot was one of the first cute characters created by Pixar and is the ant princess of 1998. The life of an insect. Despite being their princess, Dot was not highly respected by the other ants. This led to her becoming close friends with Flik, ​​whom everyone in the colony despised. As her wings grew but she wasn’t ready to fly yet, she was upset all along. The life of an insect for being “too young”.

Fortunately, she learned to fly by An insect’s life to finish. Once her older sister, Atta, became queen, she was next to rule over the ants, earning more respect from herself and those around her.

6 Good Dinosaur Spot

The right place for dinosaurs

Spot is a young caveman The good dinosaur. While The good dinosaur didn’t gain popularity like the movies that came out before and after, Upside down and Finding Dorythere’s no doubt that Spot is one of Pixar’s cutest characters.

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The main character of The Good Dinosaur is Arlo, who initially disliked Spot. However, as Spot is an orphan, the pair have become close friends as they try to find a family. Towards the end of The good dinosaur, Spot and Arlo met a family of cavemen. Arlo convinced Spot to leave him and join this family, although Spot doesn’t want to leave his friend.

5 Nemo from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory


The world of Nemotitular character didn’t like the way his father, Marlin, treated him. Marlin was very overprotective of his son since all of his other family members had been killed years before. One day, Nemo swam too far and was caught by people fishing. Terrified when he arrived at a dentist’s aquarium, the other fish befriended Nemo and helped him escape into the Sydney Ocean. Meanwhile, Marlin and his new friend Dory have done everything to save Nemo.

Nemo and his father reunited and became closer than ever. In the following, Finding Dory, Nemo and Marlin helped Dory search for her parents. Along the way, the Clownfish got separated from Dory and had to find her as well.

4 Boo from Monsters, Inc.

Waving Boo from Monsters, Inc.

In Monsters Inc., the monsters that worked at the titular factory entered children’s rooms and scared them. They would use the screams as energy to power the city of Monstropolis. Everything changed when Boo found herself inside the factory and befriended two monsters, Mike and Sulley.

The couple did everything they could to protect Boo from the monsters who wanted to scare her, and she developed a strong bond with her new friends. Thanks to her, Sulley and Mike realized that laughter was more powerful than screaming and decided to become funny monsters that all the other children would love.

3 Bonnie from Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4

Bonnie in Toy Story 3

Bonnie is one of the main human characters in the toy story series. It was first introduced in Toy Story 3 as one of the children who attended Sunnyside Daycare. Unlike the other children present, she played with the toys very carefully. At the end of Toy Story 3, Bonnie would be the proud new owner of Andy’s toys.

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With Bonnie as the new owner, the toys were played with far more than Andy in the years before he started college. Whether it’s the toys she’s had since the start of Toy Story 3the ones Andy gave her, or Forky, Bonnie frequently played with her toys and gave them the love they needed.

2 Squirt to find Nemo and find Dory

Giclee print from Finding Nemo

Squirt is a turtle The world of Nemo who helped Marlin search for his son, Nemo. During Marlin and Dory’s travels, they encountered a group of turtles. Squirt was one of the youngest and cutest turtles. The turtles did everything to help their new clownfish friends.

Once Marlin reunited with Nemo, he befriended Squirt’s father, Crush. Squirt and Nemo also became friends and started attending the same school. Squirt made a brief appearance in Finding Nemo continued, Finding Doryas he and the other turtles help the clownfish on their next adventure.

1 Jack Jack from the Incredibles

The Incredibles 2 Jack-Jack Cookie

Jack-Jack is both the cutest superhero and Pixar character of all time. He appeared in The Incredibles and its sequel, Incredibles 2. All along The Incredibles, he was away from his family as they set off on their own adventure. In the end, fans realized just how strong he could become as he was seen battling Syndrome with more powers than his parents and siblings.

He played a bigger role in The Incredibles 2 where more of his powers have been discovered, whether it’s getting cookies from his family or fighting a raccoon. When he’s not attacking his enemies, Jack-Jack is incredibly lovable and many fans love him.

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