The Best Potion Permit Characters

Potion Permit takes you to the island and the small town of Moonbury. The place is home to many colorful characters, although you’ll soon find that most of them don’t particularly like chemists, which means they don’t particularly like you. You can expect to be openly grilled on the streets by townspeople throughout the tutorial period.

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Eventually people will start to open up to you, you’ll find a host of quirky and lovable characters to get to know and relate to. They all have hidden depths, and intertwining more in their lives is part of the job.


ten Forest

The aptly named Forrest is one of Moonbury’s two rangers, along with Bubble. It can usually be found around the post at the edge of Meadow Range. One of the first NPCs you’re likely to meet, Forrest explains the ins and outs of the Wild Areas, not wanting to have to rescue injured chemists from the woods at night. He is dedicated to his job, but he is also very willing to give you a chance.

When he finds out that someone stole the ranger station and left potion stains around, he immediately accepts your refusal and asks for your help in catching the thief. A good guy.

9 Russian

Russo is one of two children who live in Moonbury. While the other (Lauren) has a family, Russo is an orphan and was raised by the local vicar, Sister Socellia. This rocky start in life has given Russo a more brutal edge over his personality, and he’ll threaten to fight you if you cross paths with someone dear to him.

His tough streak doesn’t mean Russo is a delinquent. In fact, he thinks he’s a detective and recruits you and a reluctant Dean to help him solve his first case. You are his assistant, of course, while he is the boss.

8 Martha

Martha works at the Lazy Bowl Tavern and is one of the people in Moonbury who will warm up first. She shows up at your house to give you Moon Cloves, a traditional gift from the town, and suggests you try using the gift to make friends.

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She’s also a fairly generous person, if she’s distracted enough that it sometimes gets in the way of her good intentions. She can be found handing out cookies that she accidentally doused in garlic, which most people wouldn’t dare to mention. At least she tries.

seven Leano

With the proper accent and a hook for a hand, Leano brags about being a pirate in his previous career. These days, she’s docked her boat in Moonbury for good, setting up a seaside fishing shop and cafe with Ottmar.

Leano has a passion for fishing. She’s happy to help you get started with angling and will even have Reyner upgrade your fishing rod to help you out. For a would-be pirate, she seems much more concerned with sharing things than taking them away.

6 runeheart

Runeheart is a buff apprentice blacksmith with a fierce temper. Given her outlook, she isn’t initially thrilled with your arrival and quickly calls you a spoiled brat with too many titles.

There’s more to the young lady than that, however. She works at Hearts and Sparks, the town’s forge, under the mentorship of her mother, Opalheart. It’s not always an easy relationship. Much of Runeheart’s anger stems from frustration, as her mother often rates her performance as inferior to hers. She can often be found blowing off steam at the tavern after work, being too competitive at darts.

5 Ottmar

Perhaps one of the scariest residents of Moonbury at first glance, Leano’s assistant, Ottmar, is actually just a big teddy bear. He may not be the most spirited villager, but he makes up for it with his benevolent nature. He cooks fish for Kipps the cat. He also makes extremely strong nets that everyone desperately needs, and that will help you eliminate the landslide in Meadow Range.

Although his work is extremely popular, he doesn’t seem to care about rising prices. He mostly wants things for coffee. What a nice boy.

4 Victor

Another initially unsettling citizen, Victor is the caretaker of the local tomb, an aesthetic close to his heart. He has a few imaginary friends and tends to walk around town laughing to himself. That’s not to say he’s not a caring individual, however, he cares deeply about insects of all kinds and discourages you from killing invasive mites after helping identify them.

Victor is rather upset to discover that your dog is able to dig, feeling troubled that someone else in town has this skill. Maybe he is afraid that the dog will end up taking his job.

3 Zeke

A mysterious old man who lives in a tent on the outskirts of town, Zeke is so much more than meets the eye. Supposedly, he was once a successful merchant in the capital, although something drove him to his poverty-stricken situation.

Although Zeke is not well off, he is lively and tries to spend what he has wisely. He cares deeply for his cat, Kipps, and will spend everything he has trying to make sure she has treats every week. Making sure she has enough to eat is probably why he fishes almost every day.

2 Kipp’s

Who doesn’t want to be friends with a cat? Unlike real-life cats, Kipps’ opinion of you is not arbitrary and you can win his affections. Kipps is Zeke’s beloved cat. She roams the city when she’s not hanging out with her owner. While Zeke would rather people not feed her unsupervised, as she has a few food allergies, she does like certain grilled fish.

Kipps is very attached to Zeke, and will find him if he leaves her too long. This can make monitoring her a difficult exercise for him.

1 Your dog

Who is a good boy? This boy, no doubt. Your dog is not only adorable, he is also a great help in your job as the town chemist. He can dig things up and find items for you, he can even lead you to NPCs. NPC research alone makes him the most useful helper you could hope for. Watching him get sad when he hasn’t been fed is truly a heartbreaking experience, and not letting him sleep in the house will probably fill you with guilt. At least you can buy him some steaks for the Lazy Bowl.

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