The Conners loses one of its original Roseanne characters

Fans of the beloved 80s/90s sitcom Roseane were introduced to the Conners and spent nine years with them. Then they came back a few years ago as a reboot, which was later rebranded as ias The Conners. For 14 seasons, we’ve come to know and love the Conner family, with an exciting live-action episode added to the mix – although sadly one Conner will be missing from the upcoming fifth season.

Michael Fishman, who had played DJ Conner since he was just seven, quit The Conners ahead of Season 5, according to Variety. Although the reason for his departure has not been revealed, nor how DJ will be written, the show would leave the door open if he chooses to return for an appearance in the future. Jayden Rey, who plays DJ May’s daughter, won’t be returning as a series regular either, but she will be back as a guest. Fishman’s son died two years ago, which affected him greatly and may have played a role in his decision to leave the show.

Fishman has played David Jacob “DJ” Conner since the show’s second episode in 1988, appearing in nearly every episode of Roseane before resuming his role in the revival, which later became The Conners. Last year, the actor spoke to CinemaBlend about the one element of Roseane he was eager to see more, noting the very recognizable kitchen set and how open it is between the living room. Now, however, it looks like rooms will feel pretty empty without her presence.

The season 4 finale of The Conners was as big and emotional as ever, featuring two newlywed couples and an abrupt and surprising breakup between Harris and Aldo. It also included a heartfelt reminder to Roseane in the credits showing familiar props and sets that have been around since the sitcom’s early years. Oddly enough, these credits reminiscent of the original series feel like a nice open door for Fishman, as it took fans back to the 1980s.

Despite the departure The Conners, the 40-year-old actor remains very busy. Currently, he has 12 upcoming projects that he is a producer or executive producer on, according to his IMDb page. It is therefore very possible that he wants to leave the ABC series to be able to focus on this part of his career. It will be interesting to see how his character is written and if he will return, even if only for an episode or two in the future.

Where will the characters be in season 5 of The Conners and How It Will Be After DJ Departs will be something to look forward to, so tune in to premiere Wednesday, September 21 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else you can expect in the coming months.

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