The Endgame – canceled + renewed TV shows

(Photo: Eric Liebowitz/NBC)

Network: NBC
Episodes: Ongoing (time)
Seasons: In progress

TV show dates: February 21, 2022 — present
Series status: Has not been canceled

Performers include: Morena Baccarin, Ryan Michelle Bathé, Costa Ronin, Jordan Johnson-Hinds, Kamal Bolden, Noah Bean, Karl Josef Co, Massiel Mordan and Mark Damon Espinoza.

Description of the TV show:
A crime thriller series, The end game The TV show was created by Nick Wootton and Jake Coburn.

The story follows Elena Federova (Baccarin), a recently captured international arms dealer. He is a brilliant criminal mastermind who orchestrates a number of coordinated bank robberies throughout New York City for a mysterious purpose.

Its antagonist is Val Turner (Bathé), a principled, relentless and socially outcast FBI agent who will stop at nothing to foil Elena’s ambitious plan.

As the drama of the heist unfolds, it becomes clear how far some people will go for love, justice, and the most precious good in the world – the truth.

Other characters include Elgin Turner (Bolden), Sergey Vodianov (Ronin), Jonathan Doak (Bean), Master Thief Louie (Co), Agent Rona (Mordan), FBI Agent Anthony Flowers (Johnson-Hinds) and FBI Director Rogelio Réal (Espinoza).

The series finale:
Episode #TBD
This episode has not yet aired.
First broadcast: to be determined

What do you think? do you like to The end game TV show? Do you think it should be canceled or renewed for another season?

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