The main characters, ranked by intelligence

Interestingly, even though Sophie on Apple TV+ original series Surface couldn’t remember any details of her life before her head injury, she always seemed to have a pretty good idea of ​​what was going on, who could potentially be telling her the truth, and who could be lying to her.

Given that the show is filled with characters who have high-paying careers and Ivy League backgrounds, it’s no surprise that each of the few main characters ranks high in intelligence. But some are higher on the academic ladder while others possess what many like to call “street smarts.”


6 Harrisson

Harrison is a smart person as evidenced by his work as a wealthy businessman. He is also apparently always there to support his friend. But fans don’t see much of his intelligence on display as he’s often too busy trying to encourage James to go out and have fun and making sarcastic remarks about Sophie.

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He may be smarter than he looks, but it’s not easy to see through the only lens viewers get, which is his interactions with James and Sophie. The character is quite one-dimensional, there simply to support the plot. Thus, his intelligence cannot be fairly assessed.

5 james

James has some intelligence given his abilities at his job. But as the flashback episodes reveal, he also lacked confidence and drive until Sophie helped him break through the walls. He had too much of a moral compass to lie to his clients, but when Sophie opened her eyes to the game being rigged against him unless he did just that, he finally had the confidence to do what he did. had to be done to prove itself.

So, James – played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen who, as far as other places you’ve seen the cast of Surfacefans might recognize from The Haunting of Hill House, is smart. But applying his intelligence is where he lacks skill. His intelligence is also questioned given his confident nature and blinders when it comes to Sophie. While his love for his wife should be admired, he let too much of the obvious slip when even fans could see what was going on.

4 carolina

Caroline seems to be self-made, wealthy, successful, and smart enough to do what she wants when she wants. She’s made a name for herself and although she seems to keep people at bay, she also has a close-knit group of friends, including James and Sophie.

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However, fans are questioning her morals and motives in keeping critical secrets from Sophie in hopes she can wipe a slate clean and start a fractured friendship over from scratch. It was unfair, and while it may not reflect his overall intelligence, it negatively reflects his emotional intelligence.

3 Baden

Baden – played by Stephan James who also played one of the smartest characters in Back home – was able to keep his job as an undercover detective a secret for so long from the criminals he was working to take down. He did this while having a relationship with Sophie behind her husband’s back. It shows that he was cunning, smart and knew how to navigate difficult situations. This requires a lot of intelligence as well as courage.

While he should have known not to get caught up in Sophie’s case and come back into his life at a time when she was trying to rebuild herself, it was clear that he had done so out of genuine concern for her. she. He was also smart enough to let Sophie reveal details about his life when she was ready instead of forcing her to. His strong emotional intelligence is one of the reasons she fell in love with him in the first place.

2 Hannah

As a therapist, Hannah studied for years to graduate, which makes her academically smart. But her job also requires a lot of emotional intelligence, being able to read people, extract information from them and deduce what might be causing problems in their life or mental health. Fans could easily see her sitting across from some of the television characters who accurately depict mental illness.

She was smart enough to hide the truth about Sophie’s mother from him, and navigated their relationship beautifully to try to keep Sophie out of harm’s way, both from others and from herself.

1 Sophia

While many questions remain unanswered about Sophie, who she was and her true intentions that day on the ferry, she comes across as someone who, before her brain injury, was somehow doing no good. .

She planned and orchestrated so many things, like selling jewelry to try out the experimental treatment she wanted to have. But it was the incredible talent she displayed in trying to help James make a name for himself in the investment industry that really impressed fans. While she was actually manipulating people, in her eyes it was for the greater good. Her tactics weren’t always admirable, but it took a lot of intelligence to pull off anything she did.

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