The Owl House Creator reveals why season 3 was cut short


Despite the popularity of its fan base and the continued growth in viewership, the Disney animated series The owl house will have a shortened third season which will also be the last. Rumors and speculation have abounded as to why this latest batch of episodes was truncated and turned into “specials” rather than traditional episodes and the show’s creator has now come up with some answers. Dana Terrace attended the show subreddit to answer a few questions about the show’s ending, revealing that the series essentially got the ax because of a Disney setting and not one of the various theories that have abounded online.

“I wasn’t planning on publishing an article because it’s too late for a normal s3 pickup and the real reason we got fired isn’t as exciting as some of the crazy theories I have. But there’s a little too much misinformation so I hope I can clarify things, “Terrace wrote. “Why is Owl House ending so early? Why was s3 cut? Was it the LGBT + rep? Although we had issues with streaming in a few countries (and we’re just banned in a few others), I’m not going to assume bad faith against the people I work with in Los Angeles. “

Terrace went on to note that even though they had to ‘tighten their belts’ on their budget amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney’ just wanted to get it over with TOH and this was the opportunity. ideal to do so. They added, “Even getting the s3 consolation episodes was tough, apparently. Hard to tell, I wasn’t allowed to participate in conversations until I was just… Said. I was not even allowed to present my case. I LOVE the transparency and openness here (that’s sarcasm). “

They further noted that the low ratings as a reason for the show’s conclusion “didn’t hold up” as they had fair ratings for a linear TV series, but that the image of the show’s ratings in its whole was “incomplete”.

They concluded, “At the end of the day there are a few businessmen overseeing what fits the Disney brand and one day one of these guys decided that The HO was not that” brand. “. The story is serialized (barely compared to any average anime lmao), our audience is older, and it just didn’t fit this guy’s tastes. That’s all ! It sucks but it is what it is … Anyway, there are still a lot of great episodes of TOH to be released, and all of the support IS seen and appreciated. Not only does this support the team, but it encourages the studios to take bigger risks on upcoming shows. And who knows? Maybe there is a future for the world of Owl House if (Disney Television) has different maintainers. “

The first two seasons of The Owl House are now airing on Disney + with the final episodes slated for next year.

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