The ten best characters from the “Wizarding World”

It has been 20 years since the Harry potter the characters made their big screen debut. Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone premiered in theaters in 2001, and everyone, including the cast, is celebrating. Recently, Nerd’s hideout ranked the ten films released from the Wizarding world franchise. Now we are happy to continue our celebration by ranking the top ten Wizarding world characters.

The Wizarding world The film franchise consists of ten films and three confirmed upcoming films, one of which will be released early next year. There’s even a play based on the series, which has at least some chance of being a future movie in the franchise. Several beloved characters have been born into this franchise, and this list will celebrate some of the best Harry potter characters and at least one Fantastic beast character.

This list will include both heroes and villains because let’s face it, a big bad guy is what makes a great story.

NOTE: there’s a good chance we’ll see spoilers on this listing as we discuss some of the Wizarding world fates of the characters.

10. Dobby

Keep in mind that this list is specifically focused on the movies in this franchise. If Dobby’s important role in all but two of the books had been honored in the movies, he would rank much higher.

Although being enslaved by the evil Malfoy family would be enough to make him sour and cruel, Dobby is a tender-hearted and loving character who puts himself at risk multiple times to do good deeds, often to protect his friend Harry Potter. His benevolent altruism even costs him his own life, which, due to his heroism and innocence, makes his death one of the most painful in the entire series.

Dobby is adorably adorable, but his best quality is his bravery and heroism. This makes him one of the most beloved of Harry potter characters.

9. Professor Minerva McGonagall

You know those teachers who frustrate and intimidate you as a child and whom you come to respect greatly as you get older. Professor McGonagall fits that description perfectly.

Professor McGonagall will not pamper a student, but she will never stop believing in them despite their flaws. McGonagall has had moments in the books that I wish they had kept in the movies, but we also see a more courageous and fierce nature in her in the movies that I enjoyed). This was most clearly seen when she boldly used the dreaded name Voldemort before going into full military mode in the deathly hallows part 2.

Strict but fair and encouraging, Professor McGonagall is an amazing teacher and quite a woman.

8. TIE: Luna Lovegood and Newt Scamander

Ok, I’m cheating a bit here, but I had to include both Wizarding world characters on the roster, and they’re both amazing for many of the same reasons.

Luna Lovegood is distinguished by her eccentricity and her genuine lack of interest in what people think of her. Luna is sympathetically odd and eccentric, with a level of wit and wisdom that sets her apart as a true Ravenclaw.

Likewise, Luna’s future father-in-law, Newt Scamander from Fantastic beasts The film series has his own level of quirk and eccentricity that makes him an identifiable character to outsiders. Newt is an undeniably odd kind of hero for the franchise. A true Hufflepuff, Newt’s actions show that he believes the best ways to fight evil are kindness, loyalty, and empathy. His passion for his creatures shows that he sees something special in the least valued beings in the world.

I also have to say my heart burned when I heard Newt admit that his greatest fear was having to work in an office in Crimes of Grindelwald. That’s when I found my soul mate in the Wizarding world franchise.

7. Lord Voldemort

A great franchise requires a great villain, and Lord Voldemort is one of the greatest of all time.

Born Tim Marvolo Riddle, Voldemort was born to a witchy mother and muggle father, the first of whom was a descendant of one of the founders of Hogwarts, Salazar Slytherin. He inherited Slytherin’s high regard for pureblood wizards, which led him to hate and deny his Muggle heritage. There is an implicit level of self-hatred that likely contributed to its evil nature.

Voldemort is largely Hitler-based, and his desire to rid the world of Muggles and those who are not “pure” strongly captures the vicious “ethnic cleansing” tactics of the hated dictator. His sociopathic bloodlust makes Voldemort a hateful monster you can’t wait to see him disappear. He’s a great villain and one of the best Harry potter characters.

6. Ron Weasley

People can say whatever they want about Rupert Grint and how the film series ruined the character of Ron. Yes Ron is a goofball, but he’s a loyal and courageous goofball that you would be lucky to have as a friend.

Ron has his faults like every other character in the franchise. He can be overly comedic and he is subject to an annoying level of jealousy and insecurity. Yet he also faces his fears multiple times in the series, is willing to put himself in danger for the greater good, and he can be resourceful if a situation really demands it. Ron may have his faults, but the trio wouldn’t be complete without him.

5. Albus Dumbledore

If it weren’t for some of the shady, dark details of his past (i.e. potentially causing his sister’s death and his crusade for purity with Gellert Grindelwald), Dumbledore might rank a bit. upper.

Regardless of his dark past, he serves as a father figure and mentor to Harry on the series the young man desperately needed. The many quoted lines from Dumbledore demonstrate that wisdom really does come with age, even if that wisdom was acquired through a few mistakes. Even in his old age, Dumbledore makes questionable choices, but no one can deny that he cares about the well-being of each of his students. Inspired by a director who had a strong impact on JK Rowling in his youth, Dumbledore’s wisdom and kindness make him an incredible mentor to those privileged to know him.

4. Neville Longbottom

Characters from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Neville is arguably the most dynamic and changed of Harry potter characters, and that’s why he’s so high on the list.

When we first meet Neville, he’s an accident-prone blunderer who doesn’t really seem like Gryffindor. But over time, we see Neville change dramatically. He discovers his passions and talents (i.e. his love for herbalism), and he shows that he can be useful in combat when there is a cause worth fighting for. . We’re starting to see this side of Neville in The order of the Phoenix, but it’s in the deathly hallows part 2 where we see Neville truly speaking out with a brave speech and with the Gryffindor sword showing up when needed. Neville begins the series as a comedic relief and ends up becoming one of the series’ greatest heroes.

3. Harry Potter

Characters from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

While some may be surprised that he isn’t number one, I think even more people think Harry should rank lower.

Harry is perhaps the one who divides the most Wizarding world characters, and not without reason. He does a few things that shouldn’t be admired or imitated, and sometimes his hero complex leads him to make well-meaning but bad decisions that cause serious and even fatal problems for those around him. But to be fair to him, he’s still a kid learning to make good decisions, and being the chosen one adds significant pressure to be faced.

All of his flaws aside, no one can deny the fact that Harry is always trying to do the right thing. He always tries to protect those around him, and he’s even willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to end Voldemort’s terror once and for all. Harry isn’t perfect, but he’s an amazing person nonetheless.

2. Hermione Granger

Characters from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Feminist icon and the less imperfect of the main trio, Hermione is a beautiful combination of bravery and wisdom.

When we first meet Hermione, she’s a know-it-all snob that’s hard to love. But once Harry and Ron save her from a troll, her colors change completely. She becomes a staunch friend to the two of them, eventually marrying Ron as an adult… although you can decide for yourself if she could have done better.

As Ron expresses it perfectly in the deathly hallows part 1, boys can’t last without Hermione. His genius and resourcefulness are essential to prevent everyone from experiencing an untimely end. Hermione is an inspiration to young girls and women around the world, and she serves as an example for men to let strong, intelligent and resourceful women into their lives.

1. Severus Snape

Characters from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Throughout the series, we loved Severus Snape as a villain. But we loved him even when he turned out to be the bravest hero of all (which Harry himself admits). For the time being the sorcerer’s stone was released, people have spent years unsure of what to do with Snape given his obvious hatred for Harry. And once he killed Dumbledore, it seemed clear that his loyalty was to Voldemort and the ways of evil.

It’s only Deathly Hallows, the latest entry in the original series, that Snape’s true allegiance has been revealed. Snape had fallen in love with his childhood friend, Harry’s mother, Lily. He was led into darkness when she fell in love with James Potter and married him, but he turned around when he realized Voldemort was there for Lily’s son. When Lily was the victim of the killing curse at Voldemort’s hand, Snape made it his mission to protect the last piece of Lily in the world, his son Harry. And he fulfilled this mission until his last breath.

Snape is a complicated character, which is one of the things that makes him so great. Snape’s motivation in life was his true, unrequited love for Lily Potter. It’s clear he never liked Harry much, but there is something beautiful about risking your life for someone you hate to honor someone you love. Snape’s complexity and bravery make him a true hero and the greatest of all Wizarding world characters.

So this is it. Our favorite Wizarding world characters. Do you agree or disagree? Who do you think should have been included? Who is your favorite Harry potter characters? Let us know in the comments.

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