These are the most innocent anime characters that will melt the hearts of viewers

Sometimes personality types are very exaggerated in anime, but that’s exactly why they stand out. When characters are innocent, naive and pure, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Such characters maintain the positive element, especially if the story is dark and intense. Their goofy ways and immense shyness are irresistible, and anime watchers can’t help but be obsessed with them. There is a whole range of such characters in almost every type of anime genre, whether it’s isekai, shojo, or even shonen.

Among a sea of ​​innocent anime characters, few manage to grab attention and become timeless. Here is a list of some of the most beloved and purest characters that keep the light alive on the shows and absolutely no one hates them.

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Tohru Honda is too nice

Many fans would agree that Tohru Honda of Fruit basket is unbearably empathetic. She is the protagonist of the series, so it is only natural that each character is linked to her story. However, given her situation, it’s hard for a normal person to have a positive outlook on life like Tohru did.

Not only is she optimistic, but she’s especially kind to people who are mean or treat her badly. Not all the Zodiacs immediately liked her, especially Akito, who went so far as to physically attack her. She’s also a little dense when it comes to understanding trivial things, but it’s very nice to see her all pissed off and shy, especially around Kyo.

Sawaki Kuronuma is the sweetest person

Be famous for looking like a scary character from the famous movie the ring is not exactly the right wallet for the “innocent character”. However, it is only the pale skin and long black hair that makes Sawaki Kuronuma Timi Ni Todoke unaffordable. Beneath the misunderstanding lies an incredibly shy and sweet girl who is too good for this world. She means well and is often too generous.

Kuronuma doesn’t even wish to become a burden to the boy she loves – she’s an absolute gem. Instead of becoming cynical because she was bullied because of her appearance, she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. She’s a real saint in anime form!

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Tamaki Suoh is a kid at heart

There’s no Ouran High School Host Club without Tamaki Suoh’s “cool boy” character. The host club president may act like a Casanova, but underneath the roleplay is a truly pure and caring guy. Tamaki doesn’t have a grain of evil in him, nor does he resort to intrigue or planning like his friend Kyoya Ootori.

Most of the time, he’s outmaneuvered by nearly everyone in the gang, and his reactions when he’s wrong are nothing short of priceless. He may be the heir to a great fortune, but he’s a down-to-earth character who just wants to run his club successfully and take care of Haruhi Fujioka.

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Raphtalia is a breath of fresh air

The Rise of the Shield Hero has been one of the most successful anime since its release. So there’s no denying that the show does justice to different types of characters, especially Raphtalia’s pure persona. She’s just the thing in an action fantasy series like this to balance the elements.

Raphtalia is an adorable half-human half-raccoon who never fails to put a smile on the viewer’s face. She is exceptionally kind, cute, and brings a very wholesome energy to the screen. Despite tragedies endured throughout her life, her free spirit reflects the best of what everyone should aspire to.

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