Thunderbolts: The 15 MCU characters who could join Marvel’s great team in 2024

Marvel has been quietly building a new team in the MCU – and they couldn’t be further from the avengers. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (or Val for short) brought together some of Marvel’s most morally gray anti-heroes and reformed villains with a view to… something. At Comic-Con in San Diego, we discovered his endgame: a new thunderbolts movie in 2024.

In the comics, the Thunderbolts operate as a collection of vigilantes and mercenaries who get their hands dirty with classified wetwork, crossing the line that heroes don’t. We can expect the MCU team to follow this path (think The Suicide Squad, with equally volatile results), but its roster – which has fluctuated in the comics – isn’t set in stone.

Below, we’ll run the rulebook on who’s likely to appear in director Jake Schreier’s intriguing big-screen adventure: fan favorites, surprise returning names, and even an MCU newcomer or two. These are not the Avengers. Not even close. It’s the Thunderbolts. And we can’t wait to see what kind of dirty tricks they’ll do once they’re put together.


Florence Pugh as Yelena in Black Widow

(Image credit: Disney/Marvel)

Florence Pugh’s Yelena is, for all intents and purposes, the new MCU Black Widow. Natasha’s sister-in-arms debuted to rave reviews in the standalone film Black Widow, while she was also a constant thorn in the side of Kate Bishop in Hawk Eye.

It’s her pot history with Val that indicates she leads the Thunderbolts on the court, though. They first met on screen in the Black Widow post-credits scene, but they clearly had an unseen history given the chemistry between the pair. Yelena botched her mission to take out Hawkeye, but Val will likely return in the near future if a bigger threat (or mission) emerges.

US agent

US agent

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

When we first saw Val, she was offering John Walker (Wyatt Russell) a new nickname – US Agent – ​​and maybe a new purpose in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Thunderbolts already have their Black Widow replacement in Yelena, and it stands to reason that a Captain America-shaped hole will be filled by Walker. Expect him and Yelena to co-lead the team. These are the two definitive standouts at this early stage.


image of Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

How do you make a superteam filled with egos and alphas even more explosive? Insert a certain Helmut Zemo into the mix, that’s how.

Daniel Bruhl’s scheming villain may have found himself imprisoned on The Raft after tidying up the Flag Smasher mess in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but getting the Civil War instigator out of jail shouldn’t be a problem. for Val. As part of the Thunderbolts, he can bring his intimate set of intelligence and forward thinking that brought the Avengers to their knees.



(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

If the Thunderbolts need a more physical presence for hard-hitting work, they should look no further than Taskmaster.

The masked muscle villain Black Widow Dreykov was revealed to be none other than his daughter, Antonia (Olga Kurylenko). While Nat has helped her break free from the control of the Red Room, her future may still align with those working in the shadows. His skills, able to mimic any fighting style, including those of the Avengers, will surely come in handy.


Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Ghost could certainly lay claim to being the MCU’s most forgotten character. She appeared as a phase-shifting antagonist in Ant-Man and the Wasp where it looked like she was groomed for future appearances down the line. Since: radio silence.

As a member of the Thunderbolts, she would carry the right mix of tragic backstory and lack of morality to get the job done by any means necessary. She’s likely high on Val’s draft board and could step out of the cold in the MCU after years away.


Abomination in She-Hulk

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Tim Roth’s Abomination returns in She-Hulk, marking a surprise revival for the villain who debuted in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk villain and has only returned once so far. , in a brief appearance in Shang Chi. The Jade Giant’s monstrous foe has seemingly mastered his transformations, which could come in handy in the hands of someone like Val.

The Thunderbolts could become a dark mirror of the Avengers. If so, they need a Hulk. With Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner likely in forbidden territory, Abomination is the only one with unscrupulous morals to get the job done no questions asked. Maybe he’ll have his prison sentence commuted if he lends a big green thumb to help the Thunderbolts.


Echo and Kingpin in Hawkeye

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Thunderbolts will need a deep roster with a wealth of talent for this to work. Echo’s proficiency in hand-to-hand and weapon combat sets her apart from a particularly large crowd of anti-heroes. Alaqua Cox’s vigilante is getting her own series in 2023, which would set her up nicely for a big-screen turn in Thunderbolts.

white vision

White Vision in WandaVision

(Image credit: Disney/Marvel)

Thunderbolts is the perfect opportunity to help fix some character issues, such as White Vision. When we last saw SWORD’s Frankenstein creation, he had just fought a battle of wits with Wanda’s Westview-created version of Vision.

After finding Vision’s memories in the Wanda Vision finale, he declared “I Am Vision”. White Vision is therefore searching for purpose and meaning after its twisted rebirth. He would certainly be the strongest member of the Thunderbolts, but could Val bring him back home?

Moon Knight

Moon Knight

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

While a potential Thunderbolts lineup is filled with up-and-coming Marvel talent, there’s a gnawing feeling it could do with a little more spark at the box office. Advance Oscar Isaac, who left us spellbound with his mind-blowing turn as the Steven Grant/Marc Spector/Jake Lockley Khonshu avatar in Moon Knight.

His multiple personalities would surely bounce off some of the more talkative Thunderbolts members, while his more aggressive side might be the blunt weapon the group needs to get the job done.

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal in The Punisher

(Image credit: Netflix)

Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have come in from the cold and reprized their roles as Daredevil and Kingpin from Marvel’s Netflix series. Can Jon Bernthal’s Punisher do the same? In the spring of 2024, Daredevil: Born Again will air Disney+which could be a neat way to bring The Punisher into the MCU before bringing out the big guns of Thunderbolts.

Love at first sight Ross

General Ross in Captain America: Civil War

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

In the comics, General “Thunderbolt” Ross helped usher in a new era of Thunderbolts. While MCU General Ross actor William Hurt died early 2022, the Thunderbolts movie could offer a way to recast the role or introduce a younger version of the character in flashbacks. If it’s the latter, we might find out more about how the Thunderbolts program came to be in the MCU, and why Val is the one currently running it.

Who else could join the Thunderbolts? Deadpool, Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

(Image credit: Marvel/20th Century)

The Thunderbolts comic is filled with several members who have come and gone over the years. While they might not be as realistic as the ones above, we wouldn’t be surprised to see crossovers with Hawkeye – who has a significant comedic history with the group – or Deadpool, who also joined the team. . Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier might appear next in Captain America: New World Order, but seems like the perfect fit for the Thunderbolts’ spy-heavy, behind-the-scenes nature. Similarly, Daredevil rival Bullseye could hit the mark. It offers another way to sneak into more of The Man Without Fear’s rogues gallery, especially considering Marvel’s big plans for Daredevil.

Thunderbolts is set for release on July 26, 2024. For more on the MCU’s exciting future, here’s our complete guide to upcoming Marvel movies.

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