Top 10 Characters to Appear in a Single Episode

fans of how I Met Your Mother finally get the famous spin-off series, How I met your father, with Hillary Duff. Not much has been revealed about the series despite premiering on Hulu in January. Nevertheless, fans can hope that it will be as legendary as the original. Since the two series co-exist in the same universe, fans may be able to see their favorite celebrities reprising their roles.

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how I Met Your Mother is famous for having many guest celebrities, some of whom have become fan favorites, even though many of them only appear for one episode. How these guests became such memorable characters has to do with their impact on the episode or the series as a whole.

ten Regis Philbin


“The Best Burger in New York” is one of those episodes that fans will always remember, and it wouldn’t have been complete without Regis Philbin. In this episode, Marshall blamed himself for not getting a job. His frustration forced him to focus on something else, manifesting as finding the “best” burger in New York.

Philbin’s character endures this frustration as he too is hung up on the burger. He adds the necessary humor in this episode as he tackles the deeper subject of self-doubt. His memorable menacing attitude stands in stark contrast to his real persona. When Philbin sadly passed away in 2020, Josh Radnor took to social media, praising the TV icon.

9 the blitz

How I Met Your Mother Still Of Blitz

“Blitzgiving” has to be one of the most unforgettable episodes of its entire season. Jorge Garcia stars as The Blitz or Steve, one of the best characters introduced in the series. The Blitz is Ted and Marshall’s “cursed” college friend and because of the curse he misses every incredible event that happens, spawning the famous phrase “Aw man!”.

Her character made this episode light, funny, and a must-watch when fans rewatch the show. His not-so-subtle references to his character on the show Lost make hilarious laughs. The Blitz makes an appearance in the final season. where it is noted that the curse is still with him, as he narrowly misses winning the jackpot in Las Vegas.


8 Honey

Hoeny at smiling bar in HIMYM

Katy Perry plays Zoey’s gullible cousin in “Oh Honey.” Due to her gullible personality, the gang only calls her Honey, but mostly because they forgot her name over time. Honey and Ted are set up by Zoey in an attempt for Zoey to get rid of her feelings for Ted.

Honey is remembered for playing a role in setting up Zoey and Ted, which becomes one of Ted’s most serious relationships on the show. But she is above all emblematic for her hilarious stories of which she was the victim without knowing it. These stories played into his gullible and naive persona and structured much of the episode’s comedy.

seven Maury Povitch

Maury Povich at the subway in HIMYM

the how I Met Your Mother the cast participates again in “Subway Wars”, during which Robin feels that New York is rejecting her. Adding fuel to her already pent up emotions, the band say she’s not “a real New Yorker” just because she’s only seen Maury Povich, as he’s the only celebrity everyone sees. At New York.

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Maury appears more than once and in several places at the same time, adding to the hilarity of the joke, he quickly becomes the most anticipated character to see in this episode. “Subway Wars” explores the characters’ major frustrations at the time, and Povich adds some much-needed humor, lightening the episode. It would be a great addition if the spinoff series offered Povich a cameo, just to keep the joke going.

6 Anita

How I met your mother Jennifer Lopez

Anita, played by Jennifer Lopez, is a famous author of a self-help book for single women. In the episode, Robin asks Anita to teach Barney a lesson in treating women better, after his inconsiderate behavior since their breakup. Barney and Robin’s relationship tackled deeper issues of toxic relationships, which ultimately made Anita’s impact on Barney even more powerful.

Although her plan doesn’t go as originally planned, she makes fans realize that Barney is a better man than he claims. Anita is memorable for her hilarious ability to make men obey, all with the power of the word “no”. Lopez was already an accomplished actress at the time of her appearance and proved her talents by playing the role of Anita so well.

5 Fake Moby


Moby had been a popular recording artist since Ted was younger. Only the Moby the gang encounters on New Year’s Eve 2005 is not the real Moby. Fake Moby (JP Manoux) was memorable not only for the gang but also for the fans.

His erratic behavior and personality have been etched in the minds of fans, seeing as his character was even referenced in an episode of Community. If Fake Moby were to make an appearance in the spin-off, it would be epic. But that probably won’t happen, as Hilary Duff’s character is a different age than Ted and may not know who Moby is.

4 Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio plays himself in the episode “The Bro Mitzvah”. He plays a part in Robin’s plan to give Barney the worst bachelor party ever, which ironically is one of the most romantic gestures Robin has made on the show.

The uncanny similarities between Ralph and Barney’s personalities create hilarious banter between the two. Seeing another Barney on screen may not have played as many fans as expected, but it was totally worth it. Macchio undoubtedly plays the antagonist of this episode, although he is the hero of his most famous role, the Karate Kid. This disparity creates a funny dynamic within the cast, such as Lily’s overly flirtatious actions towards him.

3 Royce

Royce is dating Ted at the time of the episode “The Wedding Bride”. Ted mentions that dating is difficult because everyone comes with “baggage” and once that baggage is exposed he tends to end the relationship. Seeing the new movie, “The Wedding Bride”, a movie about Ted’s romance with Stella, he realizes he’s the one with the baggage. At the end of the episode, Ted tells Royce to leave his apartment after hearing what his luggage is.

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Royce is no longer mentioned on the show, as their relationship didn’t end well, but “The Wedding Bride” is. It is mentioned as being a hit Broadway musical in “Vesuvius”, and a third episode is suggested in the background of the beginning of “No Pressure”. Fans would no doubt be excited if the movie was mentioned in the spinoff. Even if it does not connect to how I Met Your Mother with a cameo, it would be a great reference to the show and to Royce, the one who got Ted to see the movie.

2 Gus

Lin-Manuel Miranda in How I Met Your Mother

“Bedtime Stories” is an unforgettable episode as everyone speaks in rhyme throughout its runtime, though some fans probably forgot Lin-Manuel Miranda guest starred in it. Since Marshall is riding the bus with his infant son at this time, he and everyone else must speak in rhyme so his son can fall asleep more easily.

What’s really amazing is the mini-performance given by Lin-Manuel Miranda who plays Gus, just another passenger on the bus. He raps an impromptu verse that easily rhymes with the word “Canada”. Although Miranda’s appearance might have seemed odd since he wasn’t well known to fans at the time, he was a great fit for this episode.

1 BLA bla

Although the gang can’t remember their name, fans do. Abigail Spencer’s character, Blah Blah, made the first impression on the group. His first meeting with the group ended with Ted recounting how he met everyone.

Her appearance is not forgotten as she is mentioned several times in later seasons. Lily mentions that she was interned at Bellevue Hospital. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t brought back for another full episode aside from her relationship with Ted breaking down dramatically. She is also mentioned in “Gary Blauman” when Ted finally remembers her name from Carol.

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