Tremonti Reveals Title and Release Date of Next Alter Bridge Album

There is no doubt that Mark Tremonti continues to be one of rock’s most active musicians, now adding his Tremonti sings Sinatra benefits cover set to the continued juggling of his solo band Tremonti and his time spent with Alter Bridge. In a recent discussion with Springfield Elwood Radio Station 97.7 WQLZTremonti has revealed that one of his bands, Alter Bridge, has some new details to share about their upcoming release.

Towards the end of the conversation, Tremonti shared an update on his schedule and announced that Alter Bridge now has an October 14th release for his next album, which will be titled Pawns & Kings. The record will be released again under their deal with Napalm Records.

“Alter Bridge’s record will mix [while I’m in Europe touring with Tremonti]“, revealed the musician. It should be noted that the European tour of Tremonti starts on June 3 and continues in July.

And although Tremonti is hosting a special charity performance in Florida with musicians from Frank Sinatra’s band, he revealed others may follow. According to the guitarist-singer, he hopes to schedule European shows in major markets with members of Sinatra’s band to help promote the Tremonti sings Sinatra album due out May 27.

While Tremonti appears to have his hands full, he said returning to this location was something he planned to come. “COVID was the biggest break I’ve ever had in my professional career. I saw it coming though. Everyone’s been seated for two years and now that the floodgates are open we can get back out there. Everyone’s out there and everyone’s doing it, so it’s going to be a busy two years,” the musician said.

In addition to a new album this fall from Alter Bridge, earlier this year Tremonti confirmed to us that likely in “November and December” the band will be kicking off a European tour.

As for Tremonti sings Sinatra, the singer has already released his versions of “Fly Me to the Moon” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. You can also see the band Tremonti’s tour dates in support of the walk in time album here.

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