Ukrainian President’s 2015 TV series returns to streaming

Image via YouTube/Kvartal 95

Besides the revelation of the current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed the Paddington Bear, people are now watching an old comedy series that he directed.

servant of the peoplewhich premiered in 2015, is a political satire about a high school teacher turned president, which runs for three seasons.

The title of the series is also the name of the political party that Zelenskyy currently leads and with which he campaigned for the presidency. Zelenskyy plays Vasyl Petrovych Holoborodko, who at first is unaware and clueless about the sudden change in events, but eventually becomes a decent leader.

At the same time, the series contains a dark story arc centered around mysterious men who see the election and the presidency as a game, with Vasyl being an unexpected piece on their board.

What makes the series interesting are the distinctions between it and Zelenskyy’s real life seen in the early episodes. For example, the show states that Holoborodko won the election with 67%. In real life, Zelenskyy won the 2019 election by 73%.

Additionally, Holoborodko expresses unease regarding the press and the preparations he had to make prior to his inauguration. Meanwhile, Zelenskyy uses social media to spread his message, especially now during Russia’s invasion of the nation.

However, one thing that Zelenskyy and his servant of the people have in common a desire to change and to do good as a servant of the people.

Prior to the character’s presidency, Holoborodko rants about people not learning from past mistakes and voting for the same people. His rant was posted on social media by one of his students and created a domino effect that propelled him to power.

“I wish every common teacher to live like a president!” he says.

“I want every president to live like a teacher…I tell you like a history teacher.”

Zelenskyy studied law, before becoming an actor and later running for president. A winner of the Ukrainian elections in 2019, Zelensky is now leading the defensive charge against Russia.

servant of the people can be viewed in select countries on Netflix and all 3 seasons can be viewed worldwide on YouTube.

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