WATCH: Shaina Magdayao on Beauty: Honor Your Authentic Self

MANILA, Philippines — For actress Shaina Magdayao, no copy of famous personalities like her can ever make you feel beautiful.

The actress even discredited herself as an established fashionable personality.

“I’m not stylish”, she pointed out as a guest‘s Lifestyle and Entertainment show”snap book.”

She shared that feeling good about yourself is the first step to feeling beautiful.

“I just think, first and foremost, you have to be comfortable with everything you do, wear, buy so you can honor your authentic self,” she explained.

The actress recently got into business, focusing on providing a sustainable lifestyle brand.

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Shaina especially reminded young people that they don’t have to force themselves to look like celebrities or people they look up to.

“I mean unassuming. You don’t have to dress like me, or even look like me. You know, I just want to remind everyone that you are enough, that you are more beautiful. You are beautiful as you already are.” Shaina said.

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