Which OP anime characters could Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo beat?


” Everything will be alright. I am the strongest there is, after all. With these words, Satoru Gojo made his way through Season 1 of Jujutsu kaisen, proving in every battle that he is, indeed, the strongest, with only more tricks up his sleeve to reveal at will.

He is known to get by with other wizards reminding them that he could easily defeat them, even claiming that he could defeat the King of Curses, Sukuna at full strength. But how does Gojo stack up against some of the most powerful shonen characters in anime history? Let’s take a look at some famous OP heroes and how those fights would play out.

How powerful is Satoru Gojo

To predict these fights, it is important to first understand Gojo and his power in Jujutsu kaisen. Gojo has proven to be the most powerful Jujutsu wizard through the use of a few key techniques. First there are the possibilities of Limitless, a technique that allows a wizard to control the space around him with almost absolute authority. When implementing this theory, Gojo places an infinite amount of space between himself and anything that could harm him in a thin body shield.

Limitless also allows Gojo to use Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue and Cursed Technique Reversal: Red. Blue is a technique that creates a vacuum in space while red is an extremely powerful expulsive force. The combination of techniques creates Hollow Technique: Purple, in which outward force and void are combined, completely erasing everything in its path.

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Besides Limitless, Gojo can also create and break barriers and use domain extension. While the length of time that Gojo can trap someone in their limitless void is very short, their experience inside is very different. Unlimited Void can be used to overstimulate the enemy and thus limit their available actions. Finally, there is Six Eyes. Although Six Eyes has yet to be explained in the anime, the manga has stated that certain latent effects of Six Eyes are an unlimited source of cursed energy as well as the ability to see the world from a different perspective. and advantageous.

Saitama would be at a great disadvantage against Gojo

Saitama wins for the umpteenth time

How would Man with a fistthe protagonist just against Gojo? Saitama created the workout of a lifetime in order to gain super strength, super speed and accidentally go bald in the process. His power is an enhancement of human abilities: he can run faster, strike harder, jump higher, and resist the effects of weightlessness, demonstrated when one of these jumps brings him to the moon. He is also shown to have very sharp senses and is invulnerable to most attacks as none are as strong as his. However, he would be at a disadvantage against Gojo.

Using Limitless would ensure that Saitama’s attacks did not harm Gojo, while Saitama would be vulnerable to the use of cursed techniques and unlimited void, which Gojo can cast in a very short time. Saitama would be forced to dodge each of Gojo’s attacks while being unable to land his own, and while his stamina isn’t to be laughed at, Gojo has unlimited cursed energy, so it would ultimately be a matter of how much long Saitama could last before being caught in the Unlimited Void or by the Blue, Red or Purple techniques.

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Naruto vs. Gojo might be too close to call

7 Naruto in Nine-Tailed Chakra Mode

Naruto in the series sequel to Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto, comes across as a kind of overpowered protagonist unlike any other – one who could be more equal in a fight against Gojo. While Naruto has super strength and speed, it’s his chakra attacks that would potentially be a lot more of a threat to a Jujutsu wizard. Many of Naruto’s attacks use the energy of the chakras to injure an opponent, either by expanding their aura to ensure a hit or by directly using an energy attack. So the question here is whether Naruto’s chakra or Gojo’s infinity would win. Can a chakra attack break through the control of space? Without knowing it, he can’t be certain that Naruto would even be the playground.

Naruto has sealing techniques, but Gojo has already shown that he can break the seals and barriers of other wizards, so these techniques are not guaranteed to be successful. Naruto’s other skills such as healing, cloning, and even his ultimate attack, Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken, would be useless against an opponent who is untouchable and whose attacks have the power of a black hole. The only benefit would be that after being completely erased by Hollow Technique: Purple, no quick healing would be required. Ultimately, however, without knowing how the energy of the chakras would clash with the cursed energy, a winner between Naruto and Gojo is impossible to call.

Goku and Gojo can easily stay in touch with each other

goku spirit ball

Goku’s abilities demonstrated in Dragon ball can also present a challenge for Gojo. Like Saitama and Naruto, Goku also has superhuman strength and speed, very sharp reflexes, as well as the power to fly. His Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms also enhance his abilities to give him an advantage, and he has plenty of powerful attacks that can take down his opponents in one hit. However, Saitama has shown how superhuman being is not enough, and Naruto has shown that the ability to seal an opponent is not necessarily successful against Gojo.

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Goku presents much more of a threat to Gojo through several other abilities. In his battle with Beerus, a god of destruction, Goku learned about energy cancellation, which, as the name suggests, allows him to neutralize energy attacks. This unique ability would allow Goku to negate Gojo’s cursed energy attacks, rendering Blue, Red, and Purple abilities useless. Goku’s mimicry would also allow him to use Gojo’s attacks himself after seeing them used just once, which would bring both to a halt. However, without a final blow available for either, using Infinity would call it a draw.

Light Yagami might have the best chance of beating Gojo

The light holds Death note

Gojo’s greatest foe – while far from a hero – would end up being the least able to withstand his attacks. All along Death threat, Light Yagami is in a constant chess match against his opponents, information being the most valuable currency. When his greatest opponent, L, deciphers that Light needs to know a person’s face and name in order to kill them using the Death Note, it turns Light’s plans completely upside down. However, if it is placed in the Jujutsu kaisen world, Light would discover that Satoru Gojo made no attempt to hide his name. Gojo would soon die of a heart attack without even knowing his opponent. This, of course, assuming Light is in hiding as he has no defense against Gojo in return.

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Satoru Gojo is a formidable opponent for many favorite overpowered anime heroes. Ultimately, his ability to use Infinity to keep an opponent from touching him and his unlimited cursed energy to keep his quick attacks coming would make Gojo a challenge to a hero limited to one-sided physical prowess. Abilities like chakra attacks and mimicry would give opponents a chance. Ultimately, it’s a sneak attack from an unknown opponent that has the best chance of success, which is why the antagonists in Jujutsu kaisen are so keen to prevent Gojo from interfering with their plans. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 may be able to give more information about Gojo’s abilities and once again show the strongest Jujutsu wizard in action.

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