Who plays Cortana in the Halo TV show

Players of the Halo game should recognize the voice (and possibly the face) of the actress who plays Cortana on the Halo TV show! Here’s what you need to know.

Video game players should recognize the actress who plays Cortana in the Halo TV show. Cortana is easily one of the most popular video game characters in modern gaming, especially for the Xbox. In fact, she’s become so tied to Halo and the Xbox console that Microsoft reused its name and voice for their official virtual assistant. It’s no wonder, then, that there’s been a lot of talk about Cortana’s look, origin, and backstory in the Halo series.

One of the many things that caused backlash ahead of Cortana’s official debut in the Halo The TV show is her coloring – Cortana is considerably less blue than she has been in most Halo games (she also doesn’t have a hint of purple, which was her original color). Additionally, Cortana looks more like a human than an AI hologram, with less of her code visible onscreen. Much of this is due to the fact that, unlike animation in video game form, the Halo The TV show tries to portray the actress’ likeness as much as possible – which was made possible thanks to Cortana being brought to life via motion capture on set.


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While almost all of HaloThe TV actors are new to the franchise, including Master Chief himself, Pablo Schreiber, Cortana is played by the same actress who voiced her in the video games – Jen Taylor. She’s voiced Cortana for 21 years now, starting with Halo: Advanced Combat in 2001 and continuing until Infinite Halo in 2021 and the Halo TV series in 2022, with a role in the previous live-action adaptation Halo: Onward Until Dawn as well as. Jen Taylor’s work outside of Halo is also considerable, having done voice work in various star wars, left for dead, Super Marioand destiny games, among others.

Why Cortana Doesn’t Look Like Dr. Halsey on the Halo TV Show

Dr. Halsey and Cortana Clone Pod in Halo Episode 1

Cortana is supposed to be a copy of Dr. Halsey – both in her brain and in her likeness – but in the Halo TV show, Cortana looks a little different. Of course, that’s because Cortana looks more like Jen Taylor than Dr. Halsey actress Natascha McElhone, given the use of motion capture. Cortana’s face and body changed several times during the Halo video games, his color being only a slight tweak, but despite his appearance in either Halo‘s Silver or Blue timelines, his portrayal never breaks the canon. Cortana can project herself any way she wants – it’s just part of her abilities as an AI.

Why Cortana Is So Big In The Halo TV Show

Cortana and Master Chief in Halo TV Show

Previewed for the first time in the promo of Halo Episode 3, Cortana is bigger than she’s appeared in games – at least, most games. Similar to her look, Cortana can change her size and look taller just by projecting herself as such. For the purposes of Halo TV show, it’s assumed this is done because Cortana interfaces directly with Master Chief instead of through traditional means. Cortana appearing taller notably happened towards the end of Halo 4 after Cortana sacrifices herself to save Master Chief. She appeared life-size (similar in size to her appearance in the Halo TV series) because she wanted to say goodbye to John properly – and even touch him for the first time.

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