Why Guillermo and Nandor can’t leave each other according to what we do in the shadows Kayvan Novak and Harvey Guillén

As What we do in the shadows nearing the end of its fourth season, it’s still one of the funniest and most imaginative shows on television. This season, our favorite band of Staten Island vampires faced a variety of new challenges… parenthood, club ownership and, in the case of ex-warlord Nandor and his killer of familiar vampires Guillermo, love and independence (respectively).

I spoke with Kayvan Novak and Harvey Guillén about love, battling a broken rib, birthday surprises, road trips, and whether or not Kristen Wiig will be in Season 4.

[To Kayvan] For Nandor, this season begins with the company. He is looking for a home, companionship, love. What does her journey look like in Season 4?

Kayvan Novak: Well, from what I remember, his journey is that he is always looking for love, and what helps him in this quest is that he finds this jewel, and this lamp, and so he has all these wishes. It allows him to go on this crazy journey where we can kind of see and experience everything he’s been telling these past few seasons about his 37 wives, and where he’s from, and blah, blah, blah. His story comes to life thanks to this Genie, played by the wonderfully talented Anoop.

Do you think he could come back?

I think he’s gone, I don’t think so. Well, you never know… And I couldn’t tell you about the rest of his trip, because I don’t remember. It’s the same man… look, it’s Nandor. What he’s going to do on his journey involves being Nandor. Nothing will ever change, let’s be honest.

Absolutely. Harvey, Guillermo has had such an interesting arc this season, long fed up with his treatment at home. At the same time, he cannot leave Nandor. Let’s talk about that.

Harvey Guillen: [To Kayvan] Yeah, I wish I could leave you! [To me] I think he built a bond with him. I mean, at this point in the show, it’s been 13 years. It’s long, and it’s all he’s ever known. He grew to have love for him, and I think they both love each other. It’s just… he has a hook on him. Every time he threatens to leave, he tugs at Guillermo’s heartstrings. “I want you to go on an adventure with me, around the world!”

And it’s like… he’s about to kill him because they’re going to fight in his room, and he goes out ‘wait, now you’re proving yourself worthy!’ and then it’s like, ‘what are you talking about?’ All that. He always finds a way through his heartstrings, and Guillermo, leading with heart and empathy, probably falls for it because he thinks Nandor cares about him. And I think he does, you know… he really does, so he’ll accept that.

He sees the mess they made of the house during the season, and there’s a kid involved now, and he just couldn’t live with himself if he left a kid like they let him eat in a dog bowl, and running around. The idea that there’s a child now involved… you know, don’t bring a child into this mess. [It] just gone crazy. And then now Nandor asked him to be his best man, so there’s all this, like, fake [moments] like, ‘okay, once I sort these things out, I’m leaving.’ “Once I find him a wife, and once I’m his best man, and once that child is okay, and I feel he’s safe and protected, I’m leaving.” So it’s just a temporary band-aid he’s putting on, and if that runs its course, and he still feels a certain way, then he’s going to act. So will this happen? You will have to find out.

It’s a good tease. [To Kayvan] On Nandor’s side, he clearly wants Guillermo, but it’s complicated. How is Nandor doing with their relationship?

KN: Well, I guess by asking Guillermo to be his best man, it’s clear that he’s just making excuses by the skin of his teeth to keep Guillermo around because… I think he has made it clear that he doesn’t want to make Guillermo a vampire, or he cares too much about Guillermo to make him a vampire, to curse him with this life that he… just like, ‘you don’t need to that in your life, man, you don’t need that.’ Mostly, you know, he has Van Helsing blood…

I like him as a vampire slayer! He’s more efficient, bodyguard, vampire slayer, but now that he’s made her his best man, but his wedding hasn’t happened yet because he hasn’t found anyone to ask her for help yet. marry… it smacks of desperation on Nandor’s part but it’s also quite sweet and endearing that he does that. So you know, it evolves for me like a bromance.

For both of you, what is your favorite scene that you have shot this season?

K.N.: The Night Market, I do the fight. The whole learning process, the choreography…the fantastic stunt team led by Tig, it was fun learning about this huge fight in front of this huge crowd of people in this huge warehouse that we filmed in four huge nights. And then at the end it was my birthday, and Harvey brought me a mariachi band and a pizza truck, a Dim Sum van and cakes. Man, that was amazing. It felt like Christmas was coming early…it did, because it was November 23, so it was a whole week. And I guess so, for me, that’s the most memorable.

I don’t remember a lot of things that we actually shot, I don’t remember the learning of the line and the wait and the flow of the shooting and the improvisation. I don’t remember much about it, but it was very memorable because it was so rewarding to do and I’m so glad I got to do it with Harvey.

H.G.: I love the Night Market scene and I think it’s one of our best sets. Kayvan succeeded. Do all the stunts, we did a little before in the past. Kayvon is such a soldier, he committed to everything…he actually hurt himself during one of the early stunts when he was doing a wrestling scene, and he literally went on with a fractured rib like if he didn’t know he had a broken rib, and he just kept doing it and kept going. “I’m going to get another one, another one,” and it wasn’t until days later that they were like, “Oh, your rib’s fractured.” He’s like, ‘Oh, okay. Okay, cool, man. Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

KN: Good, good, good.

GH: [laughs] And he was a soldier, and we’re like ‘…what?’ And he’s just like ‘yeah, man, it’s okay. It’s okay, I can’t sleep.

K.N.: I was drunk on English gin at the time.

GH: Yeah! [laughs] We just felt like he was such a soldier, we felt so bad and it was Kristen Wiig and her husband, and myself. We had dinner that night and that’s when we found out his rib had been fractured, so…

K.N.: [laughs] Kristen Wigg?

GH: Kristin… [laughs] Kristen Shaw!

K.N.: [cracking up]

GH: Kristen Shaw… oops! Spoilers, Kristen Wiig is in this season, I just said! Kristen Shaw, her husband and I, we just made him soup and stuff, he’s a real soldier. He went on and shot the rest of the week like nothing happened, and at the end of the week we found out what was wrong. But the night market is one of my favorite scenes. Later, there’s a scene with Guillermo’s family that really excites me.

I saw the pictures of you two at Disneyland! It looked fun

H.G.: It was Kayvan’s very first time! He never went to Disneyland.

K.N.: It was the best day of my life. Harvey just pulled out all the stops.

Do Nandor and Guillermo go on a trip together at some point?

GH: That would be a fun idea for a future episode! I think they are still on a little adventure together. Marriage is an adventure. It’s like Laurel and Hardy, doing comedy wherever they go…yeah, it would be fun to see them go on an adventure. People said you had to see them go to Disneyland at night, like the nighttime version of Disneyland. That would be fun, do vampires do that? But some sort of on-road adventure would be fun.

What we do in the shadows is available on FX and Hulu.

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